Forge of Empires Spring Event 2020 [Event Guide]

As in the past two years Forge of Empires, and following on from our announcement and intro guide, we will have the popular Spring Event again soon.

In the Forge of Empires Spring Event 2020, players have to collect as many lanterns as possible. You start this event with an initial stock of 200 lanterns.

Then you receive 50 lanterns for your daily logins, summing up to a total of 1,100.

As usual most of the lanterns will come from the questline.

Each of the 41 rush quests will reward you with 60 lanterns.

Then the 21 daily quests give 100 or 130 lanterns each. The quests are from the range of tasks that we all know already, like the 2019 Spring Event.

This time the questline emphasizes supply production a lot.

This isn’t difficult but can consume a lot of time.

In the beginning quests, 9 and 11 are not that heavy.

Later starting with quest 23 there are many more supply production quests. Many players take a look into the list of tasks and already start productions before they are needed.

This is prevented by the combination of quests 26 and 27 as nearly nobody has enough production buildings to let all these run simultaneously.

Very active players will laugh about this, but less active players will notice very slow progress in that part of the questline.

Don’t get frustrated by this. Afterward, quests can be completed very fast again.

Of course, you will find the full lists of quests on the Forge of Empires Fandom Page.

You receive a total of 4,920 lanterns from the questline plus 800 lanterns for the first milestone after quest 22 and an additional 1.000 lanterns for the milestone after completing quest 50.

Finally, there are these many cherry trees often appearing several times per day around your city, They provide 3, 5, 10 or 20 lanterns each, occasionally even 50 or 100 lanterns. Checking this daily is very beneficial.

This sums up to a total of 8,020 lanterns plus the random number of lanterns from the cherry trees.

These are 10% more lanterns than last year. A first look on the minigame shows that the costs per move did not change significantly.

Therefore everybody gets some more immediate rewards. On the other side, you will need one more upgrade kit than last year.

Let us explain the basics for the new players.

The lanterns are used in a minigame to receive immediate rewards, daily rewards, and grand prizes.

In this minigame you let an Origami frog jump from leaf to leaf across a pond, Each move costs some lanterns.

On each leaf is an origami animal waiting. Each of these requires a specific number of lanterns for that move, provides different rewards and has attached a different chance to receive the daily special.

Every time you cross the pond completely, you will receive a grand prize.

Generally, there are 3 completely different strategies for this minigame.

You could always decide for the animal giving the mist attractive immediate reward.

The stag will give you forge points, the giraffe gives popular kits, and maybe especially new players might be very interested in receiving these medals from the swan.

With this strategy, you can play the minigame whenever you want.

You are absolutely flexible. On top, you will receive some daily specials.

If you make your minigame moves on a day with a very attractive daily special, you can choose the reward you will get.

Daily specials can be received several times every day. Finally, for crossing the whole pond you will get grand prizes on top.

It can make sense to concentrate on these which leads us to the other strategies.

The second strategy concentrates on getting the best daily specials and as many as possible.

You initially collect lanterns without using these immediately in the minigame.

You wait until a day with a very attractive daily special and then you use all the lanterns that you collected until then.

When you let your frog jump you always decide for the target with the best relative chance for a daily special to maximize the number of daily specials you will receive.

We made a list of the origami animals and calculated the average number of lanterns needed to receive a daily special from each. The list is sorted with the best target on the left side and the worst on the right side.

For us, we were interested in the pagoda upgrade kit.

An early day in the event offered the pagoda as a level 1 building which we didn’t need because we still had one in our inventory since last year.

Of course, luck has some influence on this, but it is absolutely realistic to build a fire pagoda without having a single pagoda upgrade kit before.

Or you concentrate on one of the many other daily specials. Those who decide on this strategy probably will not be able to upgrade the main prize to the highest level as those animals granting the best chance for a daily special often are not very efficient to cross the pond. Of course, you could invest some diamonds then.

From previous events we know, that most players want to get the event’s main prize to the highest level.

This main prize is the Hanami Bridge this time.

You will receive this event building on level 1 for completing the 6th quest.

Continuing in the quest line you will then receive two upgrade kits for that building as milestone rewards.

To reach level 8 we still need another 5 upgrade kits from the grand prizes on that minigame. Every second grand prize is an upgrade kit.

When reaching level 8 of that bridge you will be able to decide between constructing either the Mikawa Bridge or the Mikoto Bridge.

Comparing both it is a decision on wasting some goods and forge points for adding an attack bonus to your city defense. Our guess is that most players will decide to build the Mikawa Bridge.

To achieve this goal you should always decide for the animal with the best quotient of advancement across that pond and required lanterns.

We sorted the animals again and this time you find the animal leftmost that is best for crossing the pond.

If you always decide for the animal that is placed leftmost in that list, it is guaranteed that you will have the Hanami Bridge on the highest level by the end of the event.

This is also best to maximize the points for the league.

As in all of our event guides, we want to give a recommendation.

We decided for a combination of the second and the third strategy.

Let us describe this in detail.

You collect lanterns without using these in that minigame.

Wait until the pagoda level 1 is offered as a daily special.

Now make enough jumps with that frog to receive the daily special exactly once.

Then stop and continue to collect as many lanterns as possible. Much later in the event, the pagoda upgrade kit will be offered as a daily special.

Now use all lanterns to get as many upgrade kits as possible. Until here this is exactly strategy 2.

To make sure that you also will get the Hanami Bridge on the maximum level, we have to use those origami animals only, which allow us to cross the pond efficiently.

Considering both aspects I again sorted the list of animals. From those animals being available for a jump, always pick the one which is leftmost is that new list.

This strategy will provide a high chance to be able to have a pagoda level 7 and on top, you will have a Hanami Bridge on level 8.

Therefore this is our recommendation, fitting the needs of most players.

This event again has leagues providing additional prizes.

Realistically seen the gold and silver league are reachable only for players using diamonds.

Those who are willing to spend some 14k diamonds in this event can expect to receive 2 pagodas on the highest level plus 2 Hanami Bridges on level 8.

The strategy we described will achieve one goal as a side effect when working on the other goal, the fully upgraded second Hanami Bridge.

Independent of the strategy you night prefer, the many small and medium immediate prizes accelerate the development, especially of new cities.

On top you will receive great daily specials and an attractive main prize. We all have reason to look forward to this new event.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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