Forge of Empires Space Age Jupiter Moon

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Space Age Jupiter Moon guide!

Last year on April 15th, we reported about our first day in the then new Space Age Venus.

Today, just a little more than a year later, the Space Age Jupiter Moon began.

At that time we deliberately used the beginning of a 2-week tournament round in the guild battlegrounds.

This time InnoGames put the start on a day when there is neither guild expedition nor guild battlegrounds.

Also this time we are well prepared for the new age.

We’ve bunkered down lots of goods and special goods and spent a year diligently collecting One-Up-Kits and Renovation Kits.

In the city log, we see that a fellow guild member has ascended to the new age.

Our first glance is at the research.

With 600 forge points from our inventory, we can unlock the first research, the gene synthesizer.

This brings up a prompt asking if I really want to ascend to the new age, Jupiter Moon.

There is a small reward for this advancement.

This is tiny compared to what we just spent on researching a single technology.

The technology, by the way, opened up the first residential building type and roads for the Jupiter moon.

The next two technologies will then allow Venusian goods to be synthesized on Earth.

We have such huge stocks that we will probably never use these buildings. But this research has to be done.

With the technology Luciferin Oxidation there is then again something for the Jupiter moon: Oxygen production and 3 expansions.

In the next step, you can research the 5 goods production types of Jupiter Moon.

Of course, this is also possible without any resources of the new age.

From now on, goods production can be built on the moon of Jupiter.

However, we prefer to wait for a little while we have the corresponding deposits that make two of these productions economical.

With this, our possibilities of research are exhausted for the time being, because the next technologies require the use of goods of the new age.

These have names like Red Algae, Improved Sponges, Bio-Creatures, Advanced DNA Data, and Topological Records.

Conceptually, this could have all been set in the Oceanic Future now.

Earth City automatically gets the new Space Age Jupiter Moon City Hall.

Those who know our guides, know that we do not think anything at all of the offers after the ascent into a new age.

For the release of the Venus colony in the background, we get a success. That’s all that remains of it.

The first task of the new main quest series is already completed with the research. Then we have to build 5 Aqua-Pods on the moon of Jupiter.

The moon of Jupiter looks very gloomy.

Not only is the moon very far from the sun, but the liquid saltwater suspected by astronomers on Jupiter’s moon Europa is probably hidden under a 30km thick layer of ice due to the temperature.

How might the spaceship get through there?

Our space shuttle lands then first of all again on Venus.

The way to the Jupiter moon must be explored first by the scout.

We’ll abbreviate this with 50 diamonds to be able to show something more in the guide today.

Arrived on the moon of Jupiter, the exploration of the first province is immediately necessary.

We will cut this short as well.

We do all the battles in the 10 sectors with the usual Space Age Venus team in auto-combat. We only have marginal losses.

After that, we let the next exploration then run.

Of course, we’re eager to get the new expansions.

More space in the city is always needed!

There is a new, age-independent victory expansion for 1,400,000 medals as well as 3 premium expansions for 2,400 diamonds each.

About the research, there will be two more expansions in the further course plus an expansion of the province map.

Next, we use all my 53 plus one kits.

We also use 6 renovation kits.

This will give a few percent more attack and defense.

Most importantly, we will then collect the goods of the new age in 20 minutes at the daily harvest.

We also bring our champion’s retreat to the new age.

So we then get champions of the new age through the Alcatraz.

After our daily harvest, we then have more than 100 of each of the new goods.

With this, we see ourselves well prepared for further progress in the new age.