Forge of Empires Tenth Anniversary Event [Introductory Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Tenth Anniversary Event introductory guide.

Here we will be announcing some exciting news!

InnoGames is now celebrating its 10th anniversary with a brand new event to say thank you for 10 years of loyalty and support.

It was first launched on Beta on March 29th, 2012.

Here is what you are going to want to know.

Forge of Empires Tenth Anniversary Event Overview

Forge of Empires Tenth Anniversary Event Board Game

In this event, it is first of all about collecting paper money.

For each daily log in you get 120 paper money.

Even more paper money is available in highly visible gift boxes that appear like incidents around the city.

Their size varies and the contents are then size-independent up to 50 paper money.

As usual with InnoGames events, there is a long questline, divided into immediate quests and then attached daily quests.

Most of the first 40 quests provide 50 paper money each.

The following 21 daily quests deliver 120 paper money each.

Tenth Anniversary Event Mini Game

For 100 paper money each, you can now roll the dice once in the mini-game.

It is a board game with 32 fields, where each field yields a price.

If you move the mouse over the individual fields, you can see the prize offered in each case.

Often there are several alternatives, each with a certain percentage probability.

The corners of the rectangular game field are of special importance.

In the upper right corner, you can get a golden dice the first time you play, and 125 paper money for each subsequent time.

The lower right corner increases the chance of the daily special by 5% for the next 5 hours.

This is especially worthwhile if you have many rolls left that day.

In the lower-left corner there is the monarchy birthday gift.

With 50% probability, this box contains a grand queen or grand king selection set.

If you place the grand king next to the grand queen, you get an additional set bonus totaling 8 Forge points daily.

Upgraded to level 2, each of the two buildings also provides an additional 5% attack bonus to the attacking army.

If you don’t want to just rely on your luck to reach a certain tile, you can use a golden dice.

Forge of Empires Tenth Anniversary Event Golden Dice

You occasionally get these from the questline as well.

Skillful use of them can improve the result.

Tenth Anniversary Event Grand Prize

The Grand Prize of the event is the Golden Orrery.

You get the level 1 building for completing the 6th quest task, as well as an upgrade kit for completing each of the rush quests and the daily quests.

Complete a round in the mini-game and you advance to a new age for that mini-game.

Each advancement upgrades the contents of the crates slightly and provides a Grand Prize.

Every other Grand Prize is a Golden Orrery upgrade kit.

At level 10, the Golden Orrery then provides 10 goods from the previous age, 10 Forge points, and depending on the age, up to 27% defense bonus for the attacking army.

Event Recommendation

My recommendation is to reach the daily goal as often as possible.

For this you get an extra box on the following day, which often contains 100 paper money, so an additional roll in the minigame.

Without using diamonds, level 10 of the Golden Orrery can only be reached realistically with many of these extra crates plus the event surprise box.

Also, the use of the Golden Dice should be well considered.

The rest is dice luck and surely there will be an email from InnoGames with some paper money.

Let’s enjoy the attractive prizes and just rejoice with InnoGames that Forge of Empires is still so alive after 10 years.