Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2020 [Event Guide]

The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2020 is coming!

Starting mid of October, we will have the ever popular Halloween event again this year. During the 22 days there will be 30 instant quests plus 21 daily quests.

In addition, there are more mini quest series activated by dolls, which can then be found in the built-in mini-game.

The goal is to collect tickets for the Halloween tent to attract more kids to the tent with candles, flashlights and lanterns. These lamps will then be used to clear the fog in the tent in order to find the prizes hidden inside.

There are 120 tickets for the start of the event. The next 50 tickets are available daily for logging in. Then each of the 51 quests will provide another 50 tickets.

You can also buy tickets for diamonds. Depending on the size of the purchased package, you pay just under 4 to 5 diamonds per ticket.

Of course, the incidents in and around the city also occasionally provide tickets, mostly 5, with luck even 10 or 20.

Finally, you get 1,200 tickets for completing the milestone after quest 30.

This means that the active player will receive 4,970 tickets during the event, plus those they get from the incidents and the mini quest series.

These tickets are then used in the event window.

The mini-game has identical in game mechanics to the Archaeology event and last year’s Halloween event.

This time there is no sand to remove from antiques, no cobwebs to clear out from a library, but fog to clear.

You use a candle to illuminate a single field, with a flashlight you can clear a whole column and the lantern then removes the fog around all the neighboring fields.

In this way you can expose light bulbs, dolls, portraits and pumpkins. Many of the portraits are already known from the Halloween events of earlier years, so they are ideal for players who only started afterwards.

You will only ever find avatars that you don’t already own.


At the beginning you get 7 candles, 3 flashlights and a lantern. You can exchange more of these three lamps for the tickets you receive.

Since the largest package offers the most for the price, it is recommended to always fall back on it. So for 395 tickets you get a total of 20 candles, 8 flashlights and 8 lanterns.

As you move forward, it is worthwhile to illuminate everything a little more carefully, since it is not only a matter of collecting the necessary number of bulbs, but if possible all the dolls as well.

The dolls are obviously hidden several times in the labyrinth, but the dolls of the lower row,

Betty Lou, Annabella, Triexiebelle and Psychopomp Pete seem to be found less often than the bears of the upper row.

Players who think about whether it’s worth using a candle for each pumpkin, or whether it’s better to skip one in favor of more light bulbs and dolls, should take the hint that the friendlier the pumpkin looks, the better the chance of getting a good reward, i.e. the daily special.

One of the daily specials was on the beta server directly on the first day of the event the Selection Kit for the Abandoned Asylum, which was the previous year’s main prize.

On the 10th day this daily special was available again. But there are also 2 times the Black Tower, the Cemetery Kit, the Dark Doorway and several towers with combat bonuses. There is really something for everyone.

If you want to finish the event completely with as little time as possible, you should first collect found dolls and then activate all of them at once.

This gives you a whole range of additional tasks at once, but they are often the same. If, for example, one task requires the use of 30 Forge points, another requires 45 Forge points and a third task 60 Forge points, all 3 tasks are completed with the used 60 Forge points. This considerably reduces the time required.

Power players, on the other hand, will complete these mini quest series very early and thus receive a whole range of additional rewards, especially more lamps to clear even more fog and thus receive further rewards.

The first 4 tasks of the mini-quests give a reward of another 5 tickets. The fifth and last task offers a special prize, such as the Jack O’Lantern Chapel, blueprints, medals, fragments of the graveyard upgrade kit, supply production accelerators, the scarecrow, the haunted house and the mad scientist’s laboratory.

For many game veterans these are a lot of things for the antique dealer. New players love to use the mini quests to get items from previous years.

When all the mini quests of the books are completed, you will get the collector’s reward. Besides a portrait of the clown, there are 30 candles, 10 flashlights and 10 lanterns. Especially for this it is worth completing all mini quest series once completely.

The found light bulbs are then displayed in a progress bar at the top of the event window. For every 20 light bulbs you get the next Grand Prize.

As usual, every second Grand Prize is a step towards the main prize of the event, in this case an upgrade kit for the House of Horror. You get this new building at level 1 for completing the 5th quest.

Three upgrade kits are then available for milestones 15, 40, and 51, which is the successful completion of the quest series. The House of Horror can be easily upgraded to level 6 at first. After that you can choose one of 3 different buildings as level 7.

All in all you need 3 upgrade kits from big prices. I had achieved this without any effort a few days before the end of the event. Let’s hope that it remains as relaxed as it was.

This is actually the most attractive form of purchase incentive. Everyone gets the building in the desired highest expansion stage and then has 2 more upgrade kits in their inventory, which some people don’t want to waste.

If you want to upgrade them to a second building, you could do that with about 12,000 diamonds. So no one can really complain and InnoGames benefits from this. That’s what we find so cleverly solved.

The House of Horror will be a small, cute building with a 3×4 floor space, daily coins, negative hapiness and inhabitants. From level 6 on you get a defense bonus for the attacking army and for level 7 you have the choice: More goods, more forge points or attack bonus for the attacking army.

There is something for everyone, depending on whether the primary goal is rapid growth, covering the demand for goods or combat bonuses. And since the building is relatively small, everyone will surely find a place for it in the city.

So this event is not only really well done, but all participants are also richly rewarded. So we have a really nice game in the season with the bad weather.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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