Forge of Empires Guild Expedition Level 4 Future Era [Battle Guide]

Since the computer added half of the previous bonus at level 4 of the guild expedition, many asked for a new sample solution, which we are happy to deliver with this guide today.

We have some 350% attack bonus and 240% defense in these fights. Considering the inflationary values of the event buildings, this can now be considered appropriate for the Future Era.

The times with sample solutions based on 90 attack and 90 defense are over.

Accordingly, since that increase, on the first two platforms, the computer has an 180% bonus on attack and defense.

This should not be a problem at this level. Therefore we routinely used 2 hovertanks plus 6 rogues.

The optimal solution for players with far less combat bonus would be to use the satellite spotter.

Their long range makes it very easy to attack the rogues last. To do so, they can remain on the baseline. The battle with the hovertanks certainly does not require a detailed explanation.

A victory without losses.

The superior combat bonuses again make the second battle very easy. The first wave does not present any challenge at all and can therefore be completed without any injuries.

In the second wave, you should make sure to take out the exoskeleton soldiers first, since they can attack stealthed units and then attack from a distance without having to fear retaliation damage. Let the enemy’s stealthed units pick up the retaliation instead.

Platform 3 is very similar. About the same requirements and only slightly increased bonuses also make the fight for platform 3 an easy task. Of course, this would have been successful in a automatic battle as well.

The hovertanks of the Future Era are really strong and thanks to their stealth mode, not even the AI can do much wrong there.

Many players like the hovertanks mainly because they are so easy to play. That’s great as long as the computer doesn’t have many hover tanks, because then all these advantages would work just as well for it and against us.

We made platform 4 out of pure habit in automatic combat. Of course you can’t see much then. But you don’t have to, we believe – despite the 225% bonuses of the opponent.

But now we should increase my concentration a bit, although platform 5 is still one of the very simple platforms.

Played manually, you can attack the rogues last. That’s why you have more losses in auto combat here.

But the victory is not endangered even then. Up to this platform you could think that level 4 of the guild expedition of the future would be a piece of cake.

But after that it becomes much more challenging with each platform, not only because of the increasing bonuses of the opponent.

Platform 6 is a real fun game. Wave 1 is still quite simple, but wave 2 is a tough one.

What we like so much about the second wave is the opportunity to bring in your own playing skills.

In the battle of hovertanks against each other, it is worthwhile to create situations in which the opponent can only strike once, but then after the counterattack can be attacked by several units.

Such spots must be searched for on the map and then used in a targeted manner. Narrow spots can be specifically blocked and so many enemy units can be sidelined.

Sometimes you can also entice the enemy to place a unit on a tile not allowing the stealth mode. These factors decide on victory and therefore skilled players can score very well here.

At platform 7, we stay out of the enemy’s range at the beginning to avoid being hit unnecessarily by the exoskeleton soldiers.

After that, we have to move quickly in the direction of the enemy to be able to attack the artillery there.

On the way there, the enemy exoskeleton soldiers are eliminated. The enemy hovertanks are attacked last. Until then, they are allowed to pick up a retaliation with every own move.

Sometimes this can be done without losses. This time I lose a hovertank against the first wave. Exactly for such situations we took 2 hovertanks with me and not only one with 7 rogues.

And now it is getting difficult. In Wave 2 there are only units that make the battle challenging for hovertanks.

The enemy artillery forces to march forward quickly and not just let the enemy come. The enemy exoskeleton soldiers have to be eliminated first, because they can hit stealthed hovertanks and even from a distance without fearing retaliation damage.

Only when exoskeleton soldiers and artillery have been eliminated the hovertanks can be engaged. Players with much better combat bonuses cannot feel the difficulty of this combat.

If you have already lost a unit against wave 1, it gets tight against wave 2. But with our bonuses it can always be won.

Platform 8 comes as a big platform with slightly higher bonuses. You don’t notice that with the first subtask, the elimination of the opposing satellite spotters. But the enemy hovercrafts benefit a lot from these bonuses.

Again, the point here is to exploit the terrain. Multiple hits on the opponent will land if you get only one hit yourself and give the opponent the chance to stand on a field where he loses stealth.

These two strategies must always be kept in mind, then you will do much better in manual combat than you could in auto combat. In the concrete case this means to complete wave 1 without losses.

The only way to fight against wave 2 is to move forward very fast and hit the opponent.

Hammer method. The enemy artillery can only fire every second turn and therefore has no chance, although it is supposed to be the counter unit against hovertanks and even ignores their stealth mode.

This is not a well-balanced game. Hovertanks are simply incredibly strong: they have combat power, speed and range.

Platform 9 is always platform 6 with swapped waves and a little more bonus. Of course it is harder to have the more challenging wave first.

Again, it is a map with many bottlenecks. Keep your team together and block the narrow spots. Yes, don’t give up your stealth mode.

Always remember that an enemy hovertank that has fought back once cannot fight back again in the same turn. So he can be hit by other hovertanks without fearing retaliation damage.

If you don’t lose too many units against wave 1, wave 2 is of course extremely easy.

In the battle on platform 10, it is once again important to run forward quickly towards the enemy in order to reach the artillery as soon as possible.

On the way there, take out all other units, only ignore the enemy hover tanks if you can hit another unit in that turn.

Only when the artillery is knocked out, then attack the enemy’s hovertanks. In most cases this first wave should be able to be completed without losses.

Basically the same targets apply when fighting the second wave. Move quickly to the opposite side to take out the artillery.

On the way there, take out the enemy’s two ranged units and attack the hovertanks only if no other unit can be hit.

At the end of the battle hovertank vs. hovertank cannot end without losses, especially since some of your own units have already been hit from the battle against wave 1. Nevertheless, the victory should not be endangered at any time.

Platform 11 has an extremely light first wave with its ranged units. Hovertanks eat up ranged units as a starter, so to speak. They have no chance at all.

Even auto-fighting is no problem. There should be no serious damage at the end of wave 1, and certainly no losses.

Wave 2 is then a completely different caliber. The downside of an overpowering hovertank is that it is also an enormously strong unit in the hands of the enemy.

We only win this fight against wave 2 because we have better bonuses. With less than 240% bonus on attack and defense, which are the values of the computer opponent, this fight becomes almost impossible.

In other words, you could have gotten this far with much less combat bonus, but now the platforms are coming that require not only strategy, but simply fighting bonus.

The fight on platform 12 gives a foretaste of what the final fights of level 4 will look like. From the enemy side we see hovertanks and artillery.

This is a fierce combination. Because of the artillery, you can’t just dance the enemy out at a favorable spot on the map.

Instead you have to move forward very quickly. As long as the bonus of the computer is only slightly higher than your own, it still works.

But of course the battle hovertank against hovertank is always associated with wounds. So we lose one unit and four more are damaged.

If the losses are higher, give up the fight and try again. Every map is different and sometimes you need some luck.

Against wave 2 you can’t be choosy. Of course you should attack enemy heroes last, so they can’t pass their bonus on to the other units.

But now every hit really counts. If no other target is reachable, the hero has to be hit and the associated disadvantage is accepted.

In the end it becomes a very tight box. You can only simplify this fight by getting more combat bonus or units of higher ages.

Platform 13 has a very harmless first wave. Although exoskeleton soldiers are the intended counter-unit to the hovertank, they do not pose a serious threat if they are eliminated first.

In the meantime, the fast units destroy themselves by receiving retaliation damage.

Wave 2 then is tougher. Once again, the exoskeleton soldiers have to be eliminated first, and only then the enemy hovertank units can be dealt with. If your opponent is outnumbered with its 4 hovertanks, the battle is won.

In many eras the last three platforms with artillery can be easily accomplished. But the Future Era is not one of them.

The idea of this team formation is that 4 railguns fire and the enemy railguns transform the rogues. Ideally, all railguns are eliminated after the first round.

Unfortunately, the own railguns have to sit out in the second round and take many hits. Maybe a team 5+3 or 6+2 is even better, because the first railguns can be destroyed before they fire the first time. We have not tried that. In the variant shown here, you will necessarily lose one unit against wave 1.

Wave 2 is just a repetition of wave 1, except that it does not get easier with one unit less and two damaged units. Therefore there are losses.

The final 2 platforms we can’t win with my combat bonuses. We know the first wave of platform 15 from platform 14, but the second wave cannot be done with railguns or hovertankers.

So we get the extra turn from the tavern and negotiate with the support of the FoEhelper. 50 bonus points for attack and defense make a huge difference.

Then we think it will be possible. So we’re counting on the further expansion of my Great Buildings and new event buildings.

But when we will have them, we will surely be in the next Era. Therefore, today’s model solution has to omit the last two platforms. Maybe someone else knows possible solutions and can pass them on in the comments.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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