Forge of Empires Guild Expedition Level 4 Tomorrow Era [Battle Guide]

Since the computer has added half the bonus in Guild Expedition Level 4, many players reported difficulties to solve the final level in the Tomorrow Era.

We have about 290% attack bonus and 170% defense bonus in these battles. This can now be considered a normal level for this age. Correspondingly, since the increase on the first two platforms, the computer has a 158% bonus on attack and defense.

As in other eras, it starts off very moderately at first, as if the first two platforms are supposed to encourage the player. The standard team of the Tomorrow Era is the stealth tank in combination with rogues.

Their handicap is the modest range. That’s why the stealth tanks always take retaliation damage from the Ultra-APs.

A champion would have a greater range, but no stealth. That’s why we believe the combination you can see here is the easiest solution, which will be successful even with a little less combat bonus.

As in the fight against the first wave, the two opposing rogues are virtually free tickets. They can be attacked last without any problems and so it feels like a fight against 2 waves with only 6 units each on the opponent’s side – at least if you play manually. The automatic fight would transform the enemy rogues much too early and therefore the result is worse.

In each age for the first platform on level 4 there are always 2 Forge Points.

The second battle is again made very easy by the superior combat bonuses. The first wave is not challenging at all and can therefore be completed without any wounding.

From the simple fight against the first wave of the second platform you can take away as an important insight that the terrain cannot be blocked against flying combat drones, because the drones ignore the terrain.

They simply fly over it. That’s why these fast, mobile units cannot be defeated without own loss, although the stealth tank has special bonuses against them.

After losing one or two units you are outnumbered against wave 2, it’s a tough battle. It’s important to take out the Ultra-APs first, even if it hurts.

The opponent’s stealth tanks will at least pick up an immediate counter strike with every shot. However, a battle between Stealth Tanks is always associated with painful losses.

From platform 3 on, the enemy has more defense bonus than my units. Again, the Ultra-APs have to be taken out first.

After that you concentrate on the opponent’s fast units. The anti materiel snipers are only a target if no stealth tank can be attacked. Always pay attention to the terrain and use it to your own advantage.

The unit mix of the second wave is quite a challenge.

First of all, eliminate the opponent’s microwave blasters, at least those that are within firing range. Then the Ultra-APs and finally the combat drones. Anti-materiel snipers have the lowest priority and often destroy themselves by triggering a counter-attack.

Besides the new level 4 items, diamonds are still the most attractive reward. This is only one of several chances to win diamonds.

On platform 4, we use the combat drone for the first time. Besides the stealth tanks, this is the second very important unit of this Era.

The basic principle of the battle against wave 1 is to attack the opponent’s Ultra-APs with enough distance to avoid the retaliation damage.

The opponent should immediately transform the 6 rogues and then they can take out three more of its units.

Another opponent unit falls when the two own battle drones are allowed to fire the second time. This leaves only the enemy champion and the rogue. With enough distance to the rogue, only the champion can fire once.

The second wave has 4 artillery units that cannot fire at flying drones. Therefore we can ignore the artillery for the time being and concentrate purely on the stealth tanks.

The big advantage of the combat drone is that it always moves first. But this time the two drones stop in the first move to avoid being hit by the stealth tanks immediately. They are still out of range for the drones anyway.

As soon as the converted rogues are allowed to move, the opponent’s stealth tanks fall one after another. Finally, the opponent’s microwave blasters can be eliminated without any risk. This simple battle is then rewarded with three blueprints this time.

For platform 5, we will then go back to the standard team of the Tomorrow Era. Once the opponent’s microwave weapons are destroyed, the further fight against the first wave is extremely easy. The opponent’s rogues are once again like free tickets.

The second wave, however, then brings up a lot of fear opponents. Ultra-APs cause retaliation damage each time they are hit and the opponent’s stealth tanks have more defense bonus than our own.

The skillful use of the terrain combined with tightly packing the group to wait near the baseline gives the opponent the opportunity to set up a tank where it is no longer stealthed and offers them only few attack possibilities. So you can deliver more damage than you receive.

A few Forge Points are always welcome as a reward.

Platform 6 demands a lot more from the player. Even with a little more combat bonus, the automatic battle mode can’t do this platform so easily.

Because of the high mobility of the enemy drones, you always lose one or two units. But as long as it doesn’t destroy both stealth tanks, everything is ok.

By wave 2 you are then outnumbered against the same units. This is only successful if you know how to use the terrain skillfully.

Find a narrow place and wait for your opponent there. The enemy can then often only run and not fire. This allows us to deal more hits than we have to take. The opponent’s anti-materiel sniper is only targeted if no stealth tank can be attacked.

25 goods of the current age are also a nice reward.

Platform 7 is then again an opportunity to use the combat drones. Attack Ultra-APs with enough distance, then the other units and of course lastly the microwave blasters, since they cannot harm the drones.

The same principle applies against wave 2. Three artillery units on the enemy’s side make it a fight 8 against 5. This numerical superiority makes it extremely easy to win.

The Ritual Flame Kit is one of the new rewards of level 4.

At platform 8, the second wave is the deciding factor in setting up 8 combat drones. Only one of these has to survive the battle against the first wave, then it wins the automatic battle against the artillery without risk, because the artillery cannot attack flying units.

Four lost units against wave 1 are easy to get over and so we have earned the Ritual Flame as a reward.

From here on we negotiate or use units of higher ages.

Only about 60% more combat bonus makes another fight on the remaining platforms look promising. That’s why today’s sample solution ends exceptionally with platform 8.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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