Is Forge Of Empires Free? [Or Do You Need To Pay To Play?]

One of the most common questions potential new players ask is whether or not Forge of Empires is a free to play game. Having played it for quite some time, I would like to share with you the answer to this question here with you today.

So, is Forge of Empires Free? Forge of Empires is completely free to play. You can sign up for a free account and play as much as you like without incurring any costs. However, there are some in-game purchases that can make the game easier and your progress faster.

This is obviously fantastic news. It means that you can sign up, play the game and see if its for you before you part with any of your hard earned money!

Let us know take a closer look to see if there any costs involved with playing, what they are, and if you are going to likely ever want to spend any money on the game.

Is Forge Of Empires Free To Play?

It is entirely free to create your account and start playing the Forge of Empires online browser game. All you need to do is head over to the official site, create an account and set your password.

Then, each time you want to play you will need to log in.

Equally, you can play the game via your mobile phone or tablet.

Both the Android and IOS Forge of Empires apps are completely free to download, install and you can continue playing for free.

Are There Any Costs In Forge Of Empires?

Just because the game is free to play does not mean that there are not any costs. The game of course does have to make money – not only for continued development, but to support, manage and run the servers that enables us all to play.

There are two potential costs and areas where you can spend money:

  1. Packages that grant Forge Points: these can be used for research, resources, premium buildings and units
  2. Diamonds: These are the premium, in-game currency, that you can spend in the game to further your progress. Premium units, buildings and production are some of the most commonly used areas to spend diamonds.

Both of which are not technically required, but more advanced players tend to find that they do buy these every now and again, or if they do want to advance at a faster pace.

Other than the in-game costs, the only others to consider are the costs of your internet connection or those that you may incur from your network phone provider if playing on mobile and you do not have access to Wi-Fi

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?

As much or as little as you need. The answer to this truly varies between players.

It mostly depends on the type of player you are; if you are satisfied with playing PVE campaigns, and working more closely with other players, then playing for free can be achieved.

But it must be said that, players willing to pay real money can acquire units, buildings, resources and technologies quicker than those who do not want to pay.

They can equally be more competitive, which is a big part of Guild vs Guild.

Paying players do tend to get an advantage, but this does not necessarily mean you cannot play and enjoy the game without spending any money.

How To Play Forge of Empires Without Spending Real Money

Thankfully there are some tips and tricks you can try while playing to reduce your chances to need to spend real money, these are:

  • Using Bonuses Of The Tavern – by purchasing bonuses at the tavern you can benefit from a number of effective boosts for coins/supply production.
  • Obtaining Free Diamonds – some events, challenges or other areas of the map sometimes offer you the chance at getting free diamonds. Tents, flowers, trees are all ones to look out for. These are my best 10 free diamond strategies.
  • Being Mindful of Goods – Diamonds can help you acquire goods and fasten your cities development. However, instead you can produce and trade goods for free.
  • Military units – You can win battles with your own recruits, without the need of buying them. Negotiating instead of fighting is a way to lower the need for military units further.
  • Forge Points – can be collected each hour of gameplay, or through select events. Its best not to buy them with diamonds.
  • Buildings – You can save the need for diamonds by refraining from buying buildings with them. Advancing to the next era often makes them obsolete anyway. Contruct your own buildings and save the cash


Forge of Empires is an entirely free to play game. You can get great enjoyment out of it without ever needing to invest money into it.

However, it must be said that using the premium currency diamonds can fasten your progress – and this currency can be bought.

That being said, so long as you play effectively, carefully and responsibly, you can reduce your dependence on them to save your bank balance!