Forge of Empires Tomorrow Era [Introductory Guide]

The Tomorrow Era is the 13th age in Forge of Empires and was added to the game with update 1.49 on April 21st, 2015.

In the 71 tasks of the main quest line InnoGames draws a picture of oppressive surveillance, cameras, CCTV, and omnipresent control.

The player is a bit on the bad side as he wants to defeat liberation movements by using more control.

Forge of Empires Tomorrow Era [Introductory Guide]

The Tomorrow Era became an age being neglected by many players. It is likely skipped as many players already have produced and traded all required resources while staying in the Contemporary Era long. The Future Era sounds also may sound more interesting to them.

We think the Tomorrow Era is worth time to explore and try, not only because it brings the best military unit the game offered until then. But fighting in Tomorrow Era is the topic of a guide that will be released shortly.

Before collecting resources it is a good idea to renovate event buildings so that they deliver goods of the new age.

The first technology in Tomorrow Era we already prepared for by filling it with all required forge points long before.

We only have to release it today.

It is Tuesday morning and due to the guild expedition this is the perfect time for us to advance to a new age.

Researching Fusion Power is rewarded with an expansion. As in many ages the second expansion becomes available at the end of the age’s technology tree.

We are mainly interested in researching Stealth Technology. We already prepared all the required resources before.

Until this research only 2 types of Tomorrow Era goods are needed: 180 Translucent Concrete and 80 Smart Materials.

The Stealth Technology enables me to build the Stealth Tank Factory where the best military unit can be produced, the Stealth Tank.

All other technologies in the tech tree can then be researched slowly. For those who also want to prepare all the required goods for this, we summed them up.

As usual on the province map you get access to the PVP tower with the first province.

As in most ages you receive two more expansions from the province map. You also receive a third resource deposit from the High Middle Ages.

This enables you to produce 3 of the 5 goods of the Tomorrow Era yourself. Since more goods are coming from event buildings this became less important.

The second last province then spoils us with 200 diamonds.

As already in the Contemporary Era, the developers didn’t find new names for street types.

That’s to bad as upgrading streets is very helpful to meet the requirements of some event quests.

A real need for happiness players usually don’t have in this age as renovating the event buildings added a lot of additional happiness.

Goods of the Tomorrow Era are demanded in the market. Especially gvg guilds always need these.

Great buildings as the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Royal Albert Hall, but also the Wishing Wells now produce goods from the Modern Era. They are also demanded in the market.

The two great buildings of the Tomorrow Era are:

  • Dynamic Tower
  • Voyager V1

Especially the Dynamic Tower is getting more popular again. Not just for tradespersons.

For a limited number of times, whenever you motivate or polish another player’s building you have a certain chance to receive one good from that building’s age.

This is one possibility to receive goods from higher ages, if you have the right friends.

The Voyager V1, which has been added to the game a bit later, is the same for players who attack their neighbors.

Many players hate those great buildings as it rewards players for doing something that they absolutely dislike: plundering.

By this building you can easily recognize those players who often plunder their neighbors, else it wouldn’t make sense.