Forge of Empires Tomorrow Era [Fighting Guide]

If you are new to the Forge of Empires Tomorrow era; this guide will provide you with some tips and suggestions when it comes to fighting.

Some players only like units that can be used to win battles automatically. We understand that this is an advantage on guild battlegrounds, but the Tomorrow Era is not the best for that approach.

Those who love to fight manually will have a lot of fun with the units from the Tomorrow Era. Controlled by a clever player these units are outstanding.

This already starts with the Stealth Tank, as this is the most impressive unit of the Tomorrow Era.

Many players do not recognize this, as different from the Anti-Aircraft Vehicle of the Contemporary Era, the computer benefits as much from the strength of the Stealth Tank as the player does, especially if the player uses the automatic fighting mode only.

The Stealth Tank can use its unique feature, the stealth mode, nearly always as it is active when standing on plains and these are many on all maps. On top, the Stealth Tank factory provides an additional attack bonus of 4%.

The Stealth Tank even has advantages in the automatic fight mode. On the province map, you can use rogues again and win.

As Stealth Tanks are invisible for the computer, it only sees the rogues and therefore attacks these first. This makes the battles on the province map so easy.

On guild battlegrounds, you then see the disadvantage of the Stealth Tank when the attrition gets to higher levels.

InnoGames wanted to prevent the Stealth Tank from getting too strong so they limited range and movement to even less than the Assault Tank.

The Stealth Tank is extremely strong when played manually. Let the opponent come to you.

The Microwave Blaster is the unit that the Stealth has to fear most as this artillery can target the stealthed tank.

Therefore the Microwave Blaster always has to be destroyed first.

The Ultra-APs also are uncomfortable for the Stealth Tank as the limited range makes the StealthTanks to receive the ULTRA-AP’s retaliation damage all the time.

The Stealth Tank must use plains only. If you cannot reach a plain you better forego the shot than to become visible.

Without being stealthed the tank would not only become a target of all opponents but also allows the opponent to move all units to the maximum distance. So it hurts twice.

In the Tomorrow Era, the maps are themed by cities. This brings a lot of narrow passages between houses and other obstacles.

These can be used to your advantage. It is best to use a bottleneck in a way that only one unit can attack.

This makes the computer to block itself while our own units often can hit from the rear even when already damaged significantly.

The nice aspect of the Tomorrow Era is to always find situations where you can take advantage of the map. This is why we love the battles of this Era so much.

The Combat Drone is the second outstanding unit of the Tomorrow Era. Whenever the opponent uses artillery the Combat Drones win easily.

They move first and destroy many units before they even can move once and artillery units cannot attack drones.

There are many great opportunities for using Combat Drones, especially on guild battlegrounds. To benefit most from the advantage of moving first, the Combat Drones often are not combined with rogues.

8 Combat Drones eliminate 4 opponents at the very beginning of a battle.

The Microwave Blaster is used mainly when the opponent sends many Stealth Tanks.

Personally, we are not that much a fan of this unit as it has a surprisingly small range compared to other artillery units.

This is great for our Stealth Tanks whenever the opponent uses Microwave Blasters but less attractive to add them to our own teams.

The Anti-Materiel Sniper was designed as the counterpart of Combat Drones and ULTRA-APs. But often they don’t survive the initial attack of the Drones. As Stealth Tanks are the dominant unit of this Era, these Anti-Materiel Snipers often look very bad. I didn’t use these often.

The ULTRA-AP is the counter unit to Stealth Tanks. But they are not that strong that Stealth Tanks could not handle these themselves. Only with a very high fighting bonus, the ULTRA APs start to be serious.

The champion of the Tomorrow Era is an independent unit type. This heavy unit lacks the stealth ability but comes with the same great range and movement as the Assault Tank.

On top, it adds the unique advantages of the champions. The Tomorrow Era is one of the last Ages to take advantage of the champions.

For the guild expedition level 4 of the Tomorrow Era, you will soon find another video on this site.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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