Fighting with Ancient Egyptians [Part 3 Guide]

Initially, we planned to have only 2 parts in this little series, but we’ve decided to extend it due to some comments and demand.

Part one is available here, and part two here. We suggest you visit these guides first.

We summarize these comments with our own words: After building the training camp that is required for the quest-line, demolish it again and build 2 Nubian Archery Ranges.

With 8 Nubian Archers easy battles can be won in the automatic mode without losing units, normal battles will be won with only a few lost units which even can be reduced by fighting manually.

Hard battles are possible if Nubian Archers are used in combination with the right other unit types.

We decided to verify this. At least the first try proved that the comments are not wrong.

More attempts show that even at easy battles a victory without lost units isn’t guaranteed. But for players who don’t like fighting this is a good strategy.

At normal battles, automatic fighting always produces lost units. But these are not too many. This means that an active player can use the automatic fighting feature and win 2 battles every day while lost units can be replaced until the next day.

Even if some opponents are really difficult, the number of lost units still can be compensated.

When we take a detailed look at such an automatic battle we immediately recognize what we can improve by playing manually.

Players would never expose a Nubian Archer by moving it forward so that all opponents can attack it first.

Just remain in the starting position and you will win without losing a single unit.

Even some hard battles can be won using the automatic fighting feature. But we highly recommend to do this manually instead.

And we would prefer mixed teams, adding at last one other unit type to the Nubian Archers.

Everybody can do the same.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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