Fighting with Ancient Egyptians [Part 2 Battles Guide]

Welcome to part 2 of our fighting with Ancient Egyptians Forge of Empires series.

In part 1 of this short series, we explained how to be successful in easy and normal battles with Ancient Egyptians.

Today we show how to win hard battles. The key to success is War Elephants.

Forge of Empires War Elephants

You also can win hard battles without War Elephants, but with these it is extremely simple.

The War Elephants combine many attractive advantages. It starts with the field bonus.

Plain are simply everywhere.

Then there is the chance of 20% to double the damage. In most cases, this means killing an opponent with only one hit.

Then War Elephants have great bonuses against those units that usually make hard battles so difficult.

We combine the War Elephants with units having advantages against the opponent’s units. In this case, we decided on the War Chariots as they are strong against Mounted Archers.

In the beginning, just remain in your starting position. This avoids counting the tiles to find out how much you may advance without receiving damage.

The opponent will come closer and then you will attack him. The strong team wins against wave 1 without losing a unit.

That is important as hard battles always have a second wave. Then it helps to avoid getting weakened by wave 1.

The second wave is just the same. Remain in your starting position. Let the opponent come closer.

Then hit him, this time with majority. We leave the wounded War Chariot in the background to reduce losses.

Healing after the battle is free. This way we only lose a single unit that can easily be replaced until the next day.

Let us have a look at a second example. This time we combine the War Elephants with the Nubian Archers.

These have a bonus against the opponent’s War Elephants. And they can be reproduced in only 4 hours.

Better lose a Nubian Archer than an Elephant. The 8 hours training time of the elephants is really long.

Against the second wave it again is the same. Wait for the opponent to get closer. Then hit him.

In the third example, it is again the same.

Of course, all these battles could also be won in an automated fight. But we never do that.

The number of lost units would be much higher then.

Die to the 8 hours training time of the War Elephants, it is no problem to lose one, but not many.

Then it can be tough to get a complete team again for the next day. As you can see, fighting manually does not need special tricks or experience.

Remain in the starting position. Let the opponent come closer. Then hit him. This can be done by everybody.

In the third and last part of this short series, we highlight a completely different aspect of fighting against Ancient Egyptians.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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