Forge Of Empires Summer Event 2020 [Part 2 Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 guide. This is the second installment which will help you to complete the event in time and have the best chance of getting the grand prize!

In the first part of the summer event, we introduced the main prize, which now also provides Forge Points, we also went into the quest series in great detail.

Throughout the event quest series, and the incidents in and around the city, we collected 117 doubloons in total.

Today, on the last day of the event, we will use these doubloons on the wheel of fortune.

Most of you will already be familiar with the Wheel of Fortune from previous years. For the newer players we will give a detailed description again.

To turn the wheel of fortune one needs a doubloon, a medieval, Spanish gold coin.

If one turns the wheel of fortune for the price of a doubloon once, it remains afterwards on one of the nine winning positions.

In most cases, this is one of the consolation prizes, but sometimes it is a silver or even a golden prize.

The consolation prizes will especially make new players of the lower ages happy.

Additional Forge points, units, boosts, coins and supplies are always especially welcome at the start of the game.

One prize on the wheel of fortune always has a golden ring.

Here you can win very special prizes, including the Crow’s Nest and the ship kit from previous years’ events.

So if you have an unfinished ship or crow’s nest in town or in your inventory, you can now complete it.

The event won’t be enough to complete these buildings over all levels without using diamonds, but there are many more attractive prizes.

In the Wheel of Fortune, you can choose to spin the wheel with the prices as they are displayed or with new prices that are randomly populated. Both cost the same amount of one doubloon each.

So it is worth taking a look at the golden prize before turning the wheel. Is the main prize still available or has a neighbor already snatched it away? Is it an interesting prize or not? If the price is not so interesting, the wheel can be equipped with new prices.

To be able to judge the quality of an offered golden prize, it is helpful to know all possible golden prizes.

For us the Sentinel Tower and the corresponding upgrade, which is available as a silver price, were especially interesting. Everything else you simply take as you get it. One does not look a gift horse in the mouth.

There is an iron rumor that you can influence the result by pressing the STOP button at the right time. This is definitely not the case.

Nevertheless, the STOP button makes sense. It shortens the running time of the wheel and in a race with the neighbor this increases the chance to get the golden prize of the wheel and not to lose it to the neighbor.

This is an important insight: You share the wheel of fortune with your neighbor. Not only can they snatch an interesting prize from under your nose, but they can also simply re-equip the wheel with other prizes if it was ideally equipped at the time.

Neighbors can – even unintentionally – be very mean. On the other hand, you can of course also lurk for neighbors to reach an interesting wheel of fortune constellation, which you can then quickly use for yourself.

One more important note: Only for this guide we saved all our doubloons until the end. But this is not necessary, not even an advantage.

You can play this event completely unencumbered when you have time and desire. In order to take advantage of favorable constellations that arise on the wheel, it is recommended to keep a certain basic stock of 10 doubloons until the end.

Everything beyond that can be used throughout the entire event. There are no daily specials that would make the use on certain days more interesting than on other days. That makes this event very relaxed.

A look at the inventory reveals what I have won on the wheel of fortune besides Forge points, medals, coins and supplies.

For every spin of the wheel of fortune you get a move with the sailing ship.

So after 117 turns on the wheel of fortune I have 117 possible moves with the ship. A kind of compass assigns one to three steps for each move.

Here luck plays a certain role. Skeptics may rest assured: Although the 3 is only once on the compass, but the two lower values are doubled, we still got the 3 approximately every third time.

In a fixed order there are then the Grand Prizes of the event, especially of course the Upgrade Kits for the Governor’s Villa.

From the quest series we already had the villa as level 1 building as well as 2 upgrade kits.

So the ship has to bring 6 more upgrade kits.

Each journey consists of 20 steps. With an average of 2 steps per move my 117 moves should be expected as 234 steps. 220 steps are necessary to get the required number of upgrade kits.

In fact, not only do we have enough upgrade kits in the end, but it will be a spot landing for an additional grand prize, the medal package.

It’s not too tight. So the frequent question, “can you win the grand prize without any money?” can be answered clearly with YES.

And the villa is really a hammer building. It gives as much attack bonus as a Legendary Building at level 10, plus as many goods as more than 3 sleigh builders and more forge points than a terrace field.

Also unattached military units, satisfaction, population and coins. This building alone offers more than some small cities in total with all their buildings. This is really outstanding.

In part 1 of the guide, several players asked if this building can be built a second time if you use diamonds.

As a level 1 building it can be won on the wheel of fortune and we would have got it as the next grand prize if I had had more doubloons.

This can only be increased by using diamonds. With 6 x 1,750 diamonds you are there and have the building one more time – as often as you like and there is enough space in the city for it.

But this is not a recommendation. Please keep in mind that combat bonuses are enormous at the beginning, but don’t make much difference above a certain level.

This building is especially suited to bring more players closer to the top and does not help the already very well boned players much.

Accordingly, the multiple use of this building makes little sense in terms of combat bonuses. My recommendation: take this event as it is. If you absolutely want to use diamonds, you will gain more advantage in other events.

And if you don’t use diamonds, but actively play through the event, you’ll end up with the most powerful single building in the game: the Governor’s Villa at level 9.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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