Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 [Event Guide]

Since Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, the Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 became available on the beta server.

This will be our first guide on the event; we are looking to release a second part due to the large amount of information and content we will be going through.

We start with what all players are always immediately interested in first: What is the new grand prize of the event?

We already mentioned in the journal that this time there will be a Governor’s villa. It will deliver almost as much population as regular residential buildings of the same age with the same floor space in all ages and already at level 1.

By upgrading to level 9 this is almost doubled. Very important for many players: This building will also provide happiness, in every age and expansion level, more than the supplied population takes up.

In addition, the villa delivers coins every day, about 50% more than residential buildings of the same size would deliver.

OK, so far it’s quite nice, but that doesn’t knock anyone’s socks off. There’s a lot more to come, of course.

Already at level 1 the villa delivers 3 random goods of the age of the building every day. This will increase to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and at level 9, a full 40 goods per day.

From level 4 the building is a small Alcatraz. It delivers 1 to 4 random goods of the current age daily, depending on the expansion level.

Now many people will say, that’s what my Alcatraz is for. Let us remember the announcement in the journal.

There will be a PvP Endless Tournament. So we’re all going to need more military units in the future. This mansion wants to help us get ready for that.

Now, anyone who thinks that this is where the daily Forge points come in is wrong.

We can’t remember the last time there was an event building as the main prize that didn’t yield any Forge points. That must have been before Halloween 2015. No Forge points?

We can hear the scream up to here. But the hammer of this building is yet to come.

Starting at upgrade level five, it will provide attack strength for the attacking army. First 13%, from level 7 on 19% and at the highest level, 9, then a full 25% – in the Contemporary Era.

It’s clearly visible that this is intended to give us the opportunity to prepare ourselves well for the future PvP tournament.

On the wheel if fortune, you’ll occasionally find the kits for the Crow’s Nest and the Ship, the main prizes from the previous two years.

Plus, as always, many other attractive prizes. As every year, the summer event in particular is a tremendous accelerator for the development of even younger cities.

The many Forge points, medals, buildings, and other prizes are particularly noticeable in new cities.

The rest of this first summer event 2020 guide is meant for exactly these new players.

We explain how to approach the quest series in a targeted manner.

Experienced players won’t learn anything new from this.

But we would be very happy if these could help new players with one or the other additional tips in the comments below this guide.

Forge of Empires Summer Event 2020 Quest Guide

The first tip goes without saying: Log in every day and collect the daily reward. This applies to every event. In the summer event, this is a doubloon which is then used on the wheel of fortune.

Basically, this Event Quests Guide also helps in all other events, because the tasks are always very similar. That’s why this part of the guide comes so early.

Again and again, quests require you to spend coins, supplies, or Forge points.

It is a good preparation before every event to have a healthy stock of Forge points in your inventory. More than 14,000 as in my case is completely exaggerated.

But 200 in the lower ages and 1,000 from industrialization onward is not wrong.

Then we should gather supplies. But my productions won’t be ready for hours. What if you don’t want to wait that long?

One possibility is of course the guild expedition because there are always some supplies there as a reward. But that can go wrong, as in our case. We win all kinds of things, except supplies.

Then it is good to have another option. You’ll need some space in town for that. Creating that space is also part of the preparations for an event.

Now we search the inventory for a building whose demolition will bring in supplies.

Residential buildings are particularly suitable for this because they provide more supplies than coins when they are demolished.

Such buildings come from the main quest series, from the guild expedition, and from events into the inventory.

Now we can build them from the inventory and demolish them immediately.

We don’t have to wait until the construction period is over. The demolition will bring the necessary supplies, which will complete the quest.

Since our population is always enthusiastic and I don’t have to explain to anyone how to defeat a very small army, we will comment on task 4 again.

This is a very typical production task. There are several of these in every event.

This time we have to collect 20 productions of 15 minutes each. Note that it is not required that these are productions of the current age.

Also part of the preparations for an event is to build some space-saving blacksmiths of the Bronze Age.

In the Middle Ages, 5 is enough, in the Age of Tomorrow 11 would be better, and even more above. With these small smithies, you can then fulfill the quest very easily.

For quest 5, we buy 5 forge points and then the empty building site comes into play again. 3 residential buildings of the current age are to be built.

These can be built, demolished, built, demolished, etc. So you only need the space for 1 residential building.

We take a look at the inventory again and in the Age of Tomorrow, there is an extremely space-saving residential building.

We quickly build 3 of them and leave them for the time being, because the demolition could provide needed coins and supplies for another quest.

So the first milestone of the event is already reached. The new event building at level 1 is there for this purpose, and with good preparation, it was only a few minutes of playtime. Let’s continue.

In quest 6, we choose of course to defeat a small army. If someone needs 2 boosts, here’s a little tip: The extra turn of the guild expedition is the shortest boost.

The second boost can then be a cheap coin accelerator. This is the fastest way to complete the task.

Now 3 units of the current age should be recruited. If you can’t harvest Alcatraz right now, we recommend the guild expedition as the fastest option.

Every small platform in front of a large platform delivers units of the current age. On level 1 one unit, on level 2 two units and on level 3 then three units. With a bit of luck, even the relic temple can still drop 5 units, theoretically after each platform.

Now either 5 incidents are to be collected or 10 productions of the current age. The latter is difficult for us.

We have just ascended to the Age of Tomorrow and have no production buildings of this Age, apart from the event buildings, which would also fulfill the task – only when. So we collect incidents.

A hint: Best is not to collect incidents from the start of an event on, then you always have enough for the event.

Unfortunately, we did not follow this tip. We search everywhere, but unfortunately, we still need more incidents. Have we missed one?

The FoEhelper enlightens us: The next event will be out in nature in 44 minutes. So I take a break in the game. Naturally, in the video, it goes fast and the quest is fulfilled.

By the way, incidents can often provide event items in events. Therefore, despite saving the incidents, don’t let any of them lapse.

By waiting for the missing incident, we can now harvest the daily production.

This easily fulfills the 150 goods required in the quest. So don’t collect everything immediately in events, but if you want to work off the quests quickly, harvest only the production buildings first, so that they are not looted. Leave the rest to complete quests.

But don’t exaggerate, otherwise, the production stops.

The next quest requires you to visit 15 taverns. Again, it is recommended to wait until the quests require it before visiting them.

Otherwise, it can happen that you get the quest and have to wait 24 hours before you can visit taverns again.

By the next quest, we tormented ourselves. Since we have premium production buildings of the Contemporary Era, won in the guild expedition, we still do not own any production buildings of the Tomorrow Era.

So for this task, we had to initiate 9 times 5-minute productions in the two production buildings of the previous Age. This was probably the most time-consuming quest of the event.

When it comes to winning 6 battles in a row, the guild expedition is our first choice. We want to finish it anyway and then I can combine it with a quest. So you will be rewarded twice: for the quest and for each platform.

The next quest requires the building of 7 decorations. Very important: It doesn’t say from which age they must be. So I build obelisks of the Bronze Age. They are cheap and space-saving.

Then we’ll help 30 friends. Also here it is recommended to wait with helping at events until the corresponding task requires it.

As long as you still have enough available guild members and friends, this is a pleasant task, because of course, we would have helped them anyway. So again doubly useful.

22 productions of 4 hours each. These are the typical tasks we built the Bronze Age blacksmiths for.

The more we have, the faster such a quest is completed. Nobody wants to do it with only 2 production buildings. That would take days. And if they are currently without a task, you can include the event buildings. Every completed 4-hour production counts.

Now we are so far advanced in the quest series that first tasks are repeated. Once again 3 units are to be recruited. The guild expedition is still my preferred choice. I quickly clicked through a few platforms in the automatic battle mode.

Then once again the small smithies are used. This time 22 productions of 15 minutes each have to be finished.

We think everyone is beginning to realize why you need a lot of production buildings for events. You only use blacksmiths because they are so small.

The coins needed in the second part of the task come again from the demolition of buildings.

First the remaining residential buildings, then again buildings from the inventory, erected on the area kept free for the event.

You can see that the patterns are repeating themselves. Over time, these events become a simple routine.

Now a production building of the current age is to be erected. Everyone already suspects it: We take it from the inventory and build it on the area reserved for the event. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Now 5 encounters of the guild expedition are explicitly requested. Nothing more than that.

After that 13 productions of 1 hour each, so one more task for the blacksmiths.

For the other subtask, we decide to buy the Forge points. The stock of coins mentioned at the beginning is also planned to be used for such situations.

Even large armies are now easy to defeat. Because of the many event buildings we all have enough combat bonuses.

And in the lowest ages, the opposing large army doesn’t have any combat bonuses either.

So the second milestone has already been reached. 8 additional Doubloons will bring the wheel of fortune to revolutions.

It is good to always have a sale ready for such an event at the antique dealer, but not yet collected. So you can finish such a task almost immediately. And how to collect supplies I already explained earlier.

12 fights should be won now. The guild battlegrounds are ideal for that. It works almost every day, every hour, the risk of loss is minimal, at least in the beginning, and it’s not useless just to complete a task.

We let the battles here run faster. You can’t learn much from automatic battles anyway. In reality, it just takes four times as long.

The idea is to get goods by collection or by trade. If you can’t collect your buildings right now, the option of trading is the appropriate one.

You should have a small stock of goods so that you can trade. A ring exchange within your own guild is another option.

Visit 15 friend taverns. After having visited taverns before, we now only find 13 free seats at our friends.

So we have to switch to fighting because we don’t want to wait. But we can motivate and polish. So also this task is quickly mastered.

Task 25 demands to defeat 48 units. Besides the guild expedition, the guild battlegrounds are ideal for this.

A few quick battles there and the quest is completed. The automatic fight makes it possible to do a lot of fights in a very short time.

This is not only important for the guild battlegrounds, it also saves time for the quests. So we continue to make rapid progress in the quest series.

For quest 26. we decide to make a generous donation to our guild. What many don’t know is that donated goods give ranking points.

From now on, the quest tasks are repeated in only slightly varied forms or combinations.

Sell antiques, trade, or collect goods in the market, collect events, defeat a small army, pay goods.

We already know all that.

While we run through these pictures, we’ll briefly talk about a type of quest that was not used in the Rush Quests this time but is otherwise very popular: Creating happiness.

Here it helps to improve or demolish roads and build new ones. This can be done without taking up any space. Gates of the Sun God or Ancient Faces can help from the inventory, which takes up very little space, because you can build one, demolish it immediately, build the next one, etc.

However, the thought of what we would have got for it at the antique dealer always hurts us. But if in doubt, the quest would have priority, because the events are too important.

And again and again the production tasks. Now once again a task that can’t be done with the small blacksmiths.

Such tasks can sometimes slow down the processing of the quests considerably. Some use then also accelerators from the inventory.

The goods building required in quest 32 can be erected in the event construction space.

We choose the offered alternative because we can combine this with the daily collection of the productions.

Task 33 now requires 17 productions of 4 hours each. If I only had 17 blacksmiths. But most players don’t have space for that many blacksmiths.

So this task takes 2 times 4 hours. Or you can use accelerators from the inventory. But if you’ve completed all the rush quests on the third day of the event, as we did, there’s no time pressure.

For the last rush quest we solve another 12 encounters of the guild expedition and with that, all immediate tasks are done.

The 3 daily tasks of the event, which has now been running for 3 days, we am also allowed to do immediately and then we have to do one single task daily for the last 18 days of the event.

We hope we was able to show today that with the right preparation and a goal-oriented approach, the rush quests can be completed relaxed in three evenings.

We can now fully concentrate on the mini-game, for which there will soon be the second part of the summer event guide.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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