Forge of Empires Egyptian Settlement [Strategy Guide: Part 1]

Many players have difficulties completing the Egyptian Settlement in time. In this Forge of Empires Egyptian Settlement Strategy Guide, we will outline exactly how to do so, step by step. This is the first installment!

Egyptian Settlement Strategy Guide – Part 1

Queen Nefertiti, who doesn’t know her? She is famously on display at the antique dealer, but it’s not for sale.

And no one less than she herself, through a courier, has asked us to use our urban experience in her realm.

Our goal, it says in the dispatch, is to develop a modest city into a bustling metropolis worthy of the gods!

Our task is to gather resources and build an urban outpost, using cultural goods along the way.

At the same time, she warns us in her dispatch. The settlement would bring about some significant changes! The gods are unhappy with the heretical neighboring cities and have charged me to prove my faith by defeating them in battle.

The dispatch bears her royal cartouche as her signature. So it must be genuine. Therefore we don’t think long and set out on an adventurous journey.

The courier brought a felucca, a traditional wooden boat with a latin sail. The crossing of the sea was already adventurous, but the journey up the Nile was no less dangerous.

As calmly as the huge Nile stream glided below us, as peaceful as the animals on the shore may look from a distance, this country holds many dangers. What would expect us at our destination? It was a journey into uncertainty.

When we arrived, we was amazed. We had expected a few clay huts and tents.

In fact, there’s a huge temple there.

But it must be much closer to the banks of the Nile. Fortunately, with the help of the Egyptian gods even monumental buildings can be moved. There, that looks much better.

Also the nearby pyramids are impressive. But the city that we are supposed to build here consists only of a few, almost dilapidated mud huts and some tents, in which the actual village life is currently taking place.

The population obviously lives from fishing. Although the Nile mud makes the banks very fertile, no agriculture is done.

This is surprising. We are horrified by the condition of the settlement area. Only a small part is really suitable.

The rest of the area is in very poor condition. Ruins of former buildings and large boulders make it very difficult to use.

Furthermore we will have to get these additional areas from the population before I can use them for the city expansion. The task will obviously not be easy.

This is exactly what Nefertiti wants us to change. She gives us a very impressive starting capital of 9,000 Deben and then orders us to build 4 clay huts in order to let the town flourish with more population.

We let the inhabitants build roads and reward them generously with some of these Deben.

Then we allow them to build 4 clay huts. We generously provide the necessary coins and supplies. Thus the offer is accepted very gladly.

Nefertiti is also very fond of this and rewards me with 4,000 coins. Not Deben, but coins with which we can also use to pay at home when we return.

Nefertiti immediately has a new task for us. We are to build a grain farm.

Shortly afterwards the huts are finished and Egyptians who had previously lived scattered around the area move in. We are now having them build a grain farm on the same principle. #

We will also provide the necessary coins and supplies for it. This will create numerous jobs in the city, whereby the surplus harvest that is not needed for self-sufficiency will be transferred to us. This should enable us to further expand the town.

Only we are dissatisfied with where these inexperienced Egyptians have built their huts and farm.

If you do not do everything yourself. Again we ask the Egyptian Gods to move the buildings to suitable places.

Now we can use the very limited building area much more efficiently. Nefertiti fetched me exactly for such urban planning decisions.

The population must pay taxes for the protection and the infrastructure provided in the city.

From now on this brings us a steady influx of Deben, the local Egyptian currency. More population also brings more tax revenue. So we let the Egyptians build more clay huts.

Now Nefertiti demands that we set up a training camp. Already for providing the necessary coins and supplies as well as starting this building project she rewards me with some Kopesch fighters and mounted camel archers so that the prospering city is not completely unprotected.

She also demands that I should attack the rebellious neighbours soon. Before each attack I would have to go into the great pyramid and seek the advice of the ancestors.

But before we embark on a military adventure, we first take a closer look at the fighters who have arrived.

Although the Kopesch fighters are serious warriors when in dense groups, it seems to me that it is better to use the population for civilian purposes instead of training them as warriors.

So we tear down the training camp again and recruit some archers from the far south of the country, from Nubia.

We provide them with the necessary coins and supplies to build two Nubian archer ranges in the city. We will let these soon raid the neighboring towns, as Nefertiti wishes.

The completion of the buildings and the training of the fighters will take some time. The continuation of our adventure is then in the second part of the diary.

Summary of the tips of this first part:

  • Move the temple (message) to the shore
  • 4 Building huts
  • Start a grain farm
  • Building a training camp
  • Tear down the training camp again
  • build 2 more huts
  • Build 2 Nubian shooting ranges
  • Train Nubian archers

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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