Forge of Empires Egyptian Settlement [Strategy Guide: Part 2]

Many players have difficulties completing the Egyptian Settlement in time. In this Forge of Empires Egyptian Settlement Strategy Series, we will outline exactly how to do so, step by step. This is the second installment!

Egyptian Settlement Strategy Guide – Part 2

In part 1, we received the request for help from Queen Nefertiti, and traveled up the Nile to develop a modest city into a bustling metropolis worthy of the gods! It was a journey into uncertainty.

Shortly after our arrival, we put our stamp on the city. We move the temple closer to the banks of the Nile, build clay huts, a grain farm and Nubian archery ranges.

We used the starting capital of 9,000 Deben for road construction and recruiting Nubian archers.

Soon we will be able to book the first tax revenues. With the completion of the Nubian archery ranges, the first two Nubian archers can now be trained.

The grain farm only wants to work if it is paid with war loot. That’s a very strange attitude from the farmers.

Instead of them being happy to have a livelihood. But as a guest in a foreign country we have to accept their customs and traditions.

Soon the Nubian archers from the rebellious neighbouring cities will bring rich spoils of war. This will also ensure sustainable grain production.

Regardless of the cost, we will unlock all slots in the Nubian shooting ranges. Despite the tax revenue we only have 1,870 Deben left. Fighting wars has always been expensive. We have to keep an eye on that.

8 Nubian archers we then send to a rebellious neighboring town, which scouts have classified as relatively easy to defeat.

We don’t bring ourselves into the fight. We see ourselves as an urban planner and trader, not as a warrior. Let the Nubians do it themselves. On their return they report on enemy war elephants and chariots. They are proud to have defeated them without any losses. Our decision to trust the Nubians seems to have been right.

Nefertiti attests me efficiency in view of the success, but says we are rough and inelegant. She rewards us with additional spoils of war from her stocks.

Now the farmers have no more reason to complain and the grain production can start. This is exactly what Nefertiti now expects from me.

The temple, which we have made our embassy and domicile, has a steady income of 600 Deben daily through the offerings of the people. In addition, tax revenues continue to bubble up.

The scouts have identified another easy opponent. Once again our brave Nubians are successful, albeit with small losses. These are immediately compensated again in the archery ranges.

Nefertiti is happy about the harvest of the grain farm and says that this will bring the inhabitants over the next few weeks. We, on the other hand, urge the farmers to replant immediately.

A fertile soil, enough water and plenty of sunshine make many harvests possible.

For a part of the harvest we negotiate a land extension for the city. Nefertiti expects me to engage ourselves diplomatically.

We will keep an eye on this, but first we are betting that a bigger city will also bring greater success. Other objectives would be more of a hindrance.

As soon as all Nubians are fit again, we will send them to the next battle. This time the scouts think that it is a somewhat difficult opponent.

Again the archers are successful and there are more spoils of war. The fighter that got lost in the battle will be replaced immediately. In view of the tax revenues that continue to bubble up, we can afford this warfare.

Also the second harvest brings me a lot of grain and again we can realize an extension of the area.

We use these to settle more Egyptians. However, two clay huts have no road connection and the fool of tax collector does not get his feet dirty to get there.

So they remain un-taxed for the time being. With the additional population we can now build a second grain farm. This will double our cereal production. We have enough spoils of war for that.

Here again the tips of today summarized:

  • Unlock all slots of the barracks
  • Automatic fight with 8 archers
  • Use easy and normal fights
  • Buying 2 extensions with grain
  • 2 more mud huts to build
  • Use the APP

Often there is only a production to start. If this is not done, hours will be lost.

To be able to do this always in time, it helps a lot to use the app. We even set the alarm clock on our smartphone to match.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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