Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #10 – June 2020]

Welcome to our tenth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Here, we we will bring you news about Forge of Empires.

To mark the occasion, another issue of the journal today.

The first news concerns the FoEhelper. As you all know, I think it’s a great tool that I have recommended to all players.

Some had reservations, because the statement of InnoGames in the past was clear: The player alone is responsible for the compliance with the rules of the game. InnoGames does not issue a certificate of confidentiality for any third-party tool.

They do not have the resources to check every tool for admissibility again and again. In addition, there was the statement that tools are harmless if you can achieve the same with paper and pencil.

80,000 installations have probably made InnoGames rethink this point. Obviously, they took a closer look at the tool and asked for changes. This makes clear, without these changes, they saw a significant violation of the game rules.

Daniel alias Mainline announced the agreed changes on his homepage. Summarized this means:

  • The sniping tool has probably upset too many players and has therefore been removed.
  • Upcoming incidents around the city and on the streets will no longer be announced. The FoEhelper is still helpful to ask if you have found all events or if you should search further and if so, where.
  • Negotiations are no longer supported during guild battles. Obviously InnoGames saw this as a threat to the balancing.
  • The event quests will be available on the website in the future, no longer in the tool.
  • The PvP information and the harvest helper will be completely removed. These tools obviously betrayed more than InnoGames would have liked.

With the implementation of these changes, the FoEhelper has now received a certificate of confidentiality from InnoGames.

They might not want to put it that way, but after this action, the community would not be able to understand if someone was banned for using the FoEhelper. This is certainly the good news.

The information causing all problems will still be sent out by InnoGames. FoEhelper just doesn’t visualize it anymore.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of tools that do not care about the rules of the game. If these tools, like FoEhelper does, only read the data stream and do not actively intervene in the communication, InnoGames cannot really detect this.

But it is characteristic for almost all other tools that they actively communicate with the server.

This is exactly what makes these tools illegal. Whether they are called PowerTool or FoESniper: Whoever uses such tools risks having his account blocked.

We have just heard from several players in the last few days that after complaining to the support the alleged tool user does not loot anymore and his ranking points no longer change: In other words, he has been suspended.

Therefore very briefly: FoEhelper in the latest version: yes. Other tools: no

On Monday morning InnoGames published new values for the Governor’s Villa in the beta forum.

So we guess the guts were missing to offer an event main prize without Forge points.

This will really please a lot of players. It’s very good that InnoGame responds to the feedback of the players. That’s exactly what a beta test is there for. Hats off for that!