Forge Of Empires Battles Without Bonuses Guide

This guide was made for players who have just started playing Forge of Empires, have somehow experimented through the first ages, and who realize, at the latest during quests, that it can help to fight.

Many people have great respect for these battles, unless they have Great Buildings that bring significant combat bonuses.

Such a city was created from the PowerStart series: very few combat bonuses from event buildings and not a single Great Building with combat bonuses.

We had completed the guild expedition several times before through negotiation and had already received some military units from it. The relic temple also played its part. How much can you really fight with such a city?

We simply built some military buildings to show everything. In the following we explain which of these you really need.

The measure of all things is the guild expedition. Let’s start with level 1.

You can actually finish the small platforms completely in auto mode, if you simply set up 8 catapults and let auto mode do the rest.

We’re not talking about great combat tricks and tips here. It really is that simple.

It’s quick and only if it’s quick you can play the Guild Expedition every week. That’s why the automatic fighting mode is so important.

For the first big platform, we simply recommend 8 mercenaries.

Sure, rogues would be nice now. But we will come to that topic later. You can’t do it now without losses. But you gotta get over that.

They cost 150 coins and supplies each. Even the production of a city in the Early Middle Ages can do that without a problem.

After that you can simply continue with the catapults or alternatively use 8 armored infantry.

Catapults will also go with the next one, although not without minor losses, but alternatively 8 Heavy Cavalry can be used.

And finally catapults again. That was 7 platforms in record time.

Now comes the second big platform. It could be won without rogues if necessary, but that is torture. Too many losses.

Of course you could negotiate a platform now. But this is a video about fighting. That’s why we recommend the use of rogues here.

Now I can hear the first players screaming. Rogues? Where how are we supposed to get rogues?

We had won some rogues from previous guild expeditions. You can also get rogues for daily challenges and some events.

In the Daily Challenges, we even won a Rogue Hideout, which we built for this guide.

So we can place 2 attached rogues and 4 unattached rogues next to 2 mercenaries. Again, the auto combat mode takes care of both waves.

Normally all 8 attempts would be used up now. But we had won 2 extra attempts on platform 5. So the catapults get to show what they can do another 2 times.

8 hours later we continue. Platform 11 is just screaming for 8 heavy cavalry. And because they are already set, they are also used on the 3rd big platform, platform 12. The rogues can be spared a bit, of course at the expense of the existing Heavy Cavalry.

Then it goes on again with catapults. It is embarrassing to make such a simple video. But the easiest way is actually to simply use 8 catapults on most small platforms.

Platform 16, the finale of level 1, is then again a case for the rogues, this time together with Heavy Infantry. The loss of an unattached unit is always annoying, but unavoidable.

Level 2 of the Guild Expedition starts with the familiar catapults again. That would win on platform 2 as well, but the losses would be too great. Therefore the use of the Heavy Cavalry is preferable there. Unfortunately this is not loss-free either. The third platform, again with catapults, then consoles over it.

Two Heavy Infantry plus 6 rogues are a standard team when the enemy offers a unit mix. They always win, mostly without losses.

Then it goes on with catapults again and if the enemy tries it himself with many catapults, then the Heavy Cavalry has to step in. It is possible to lose 2 units, but the losses are limited.

On the second big platform of level 2 we use catapults again. To keep the own losses low, I play manually. In the end we have 5 lost units. But any reasonable alternative would have used rogues and they are very limited.

On the small platforms we continue as usual. Heavy cavalry is the weapon of choice against cavalry and catapults.

But the losses are increasing. Therefore I decide to fight manually again at platform 11. A mix of catapults and mercenaries will fix it.

At platform 12, we use mounted archers for two reasons.

Firstly, we want to keep the loss of rogues to a minimum. Second, we prefer to use a unit type that hasn’t been used before, so as not to decimate the stock of the other, more commonly used unit types.

Sometimes we succeed in this platform without losses. Today the map was very unlucky for me or my playing style was not perfect. That cost the lives of 2 rogues after all.

Then the catapults are allowed to go back in. By the number of lost units you can see that we slowly get into areas that are painful for a player without Alcatraz.

You can play it, even every week, but you must not make any bad mistakes, otherwise the number of units will decrease.

When we se rogues on a small platform and play manually, it’s obvious that we don’t trust the auto battle mode to win any more.

In short: The last quarter of level 2 should be played manually very carefully. Even then it is not without losses.

Platform 15 should then once again adjust the catapults. So this week’s limit of losing catapults is exhausted.

The finals of level 2 can be played by the standard team of 2 heavy infantry and 6 rogues.

We deliberately play manually. The task of the agents is to take the first blows of the opponent. Due to the enemy artillery, waiting on the base line is not an option.

The units must run forward from the beginning. Always take out a hero last?

We can’t afford that luxury. The way to the enemy catapult is extremely long for the slow, heavy units. But surviving wave 1 without losses is a good prerequisite.

Even the computer has no combat bonuses in the early middle ages in the first three stages of the guild expedition.

The advantage of the computer is the second wave. To have again an unwounded second set of units is extremely strong.

The player has 3 advantages: rogues who transform, knowledge of the opposing team before the team is set up and intelligence. That’s how you end up creating the final platform of level 2.

You don’t want to miss the very simple first platforms of level 3. You can use catapults again. For a change, we would like to show you an alternative.

We always enjoy platform 2 very much. This punching out of the heavy units with the very mobile mounted archers is always a pleasure.

Our recommendation is to negotiate from platform 3 of level 3 as long as you don’t have any combat bonuses yet.

From now on the losses increase so much that you can’t compensate them every week without an Alcatraz. But up to this point, fighting has saved a lot of goods and time. We hope that encourages imitation. Enjoy it!

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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