Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #16 – June 2021]

Welcome to our sixteenth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Once again it is time to report about the upcoming innovations in Forge of Empires.

Here is what we will be covering:

  • A new castle for the city
  • Addendum to the Archaeology Event
  • Wildlife Event

A New Castle For The City

The first signs of an upcoming new castle can be found on the beta server.

This means that probably for players from the Early Middle Ages onwards, in fall a new defense tower will appear between the event hub and the antique dealer.

From then on, players will receive castle coins for logging in every day.

The more days you log in continuously, the more coins you get for each login.

For the first day one castle coin, for the second day two, for the third day three etc. up to a certain limit where you start again with 1 castle coin.

When you have collected 500 coins, you can expand the defense tower to a small castle.

This castle, level 2 of the new building, then offers the player numerous advantages.

After an instant reward, there are permanent boosts to the production of coins, as well as a daily reward depending on the level the castle has reached.

Additional coins can be used over a period of many months to upgrade the castle to further levels, with the rewards increasing all the time.

Besides, the new building is a real gem for any city.

All the information in today’s journal was obtained from the beta version and can still change fundamentally until the release.

Thus, only guesses can be made about the exact rewards at the moment.

However, it looks like there will be additional slots at the Antique Dealer in addition to many small benefits for trading with the Antique Trader, PvP Arena, exploring the Province map, purchases at the Friends Tavern, and additional time for completing Cultural Settlements.

I think we’ll all be able to learn more about this in the fall.

We can already look forward to Forge of Empires continuing to develop in a very interesting way.

Addendum to the Archaeology Event

Regular viewers of this site have already noticed that we couldn’t be as active here as we would have liked during the last weeks.

That’s why this addendum comes only now, so very late.

For the Archaeology Event, we had recommended not to pay special attention to the gems for the calendar.

This resulted from my observation on the beta server that on some days we had to use extremely many tools to find the daily gem. After that, it was hopeless to try to complete the calendar.

Other players, however, had more luck on Beta and benefited from the decision to find the daily gem.

When the event hit the player worlds, we tracked the progress of 12 players, including ourselves.

All of them were able to complete the calendar.

So our recommendation to ignore the calendar was not a good one. Unfortunately, we are not infallible.

On Beta, we only have one city.

If for some reason we get unfortunate results there, we don’t have a second try to verify it.

So, unfortunately, it can come to wrong estimations.

However, we do our best to work as thoroughly as possible to minimize this risk.

In addition, InnoGames actually had a calendar for the winter event that was not to be recommended.

With that, no inner resistance stirred in me. It seemed to be part of the concept.

We had the impression that we owed the community this review.

We’re sorry if anyone was less successful because of our recommendation than they might otherwise have been.

Wildlife Event

Next up is the Wildlife Event with an outstandingly beautiful event building, the Mountain Reserve.

It’s a completely new event, somewhat reminiscent of the puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, where the tools of the archaeology event have found their way in.

Candy Crush Saga is the most played Facebook game and is also very successful as an app.

So it is likely that this concept will also appeal to FoE players.

Of course, in a few days there will be a detailed presentation of the event on this site, with many tips and tricks for efficient performance in this new minigame.

In this sense: see you soon!