Forge of Empires How To Add Friends [And Why You Want To]

Having friends in Forge of Empires comes with many benefits; such as benefiting from better trade deals and finding recruits for your guild. But how do you go about adding friends? What steps do you need to take?

So, how do you add friends in Forge of Empires? To add a friend in Forge of Empires, you need to click the friends icon at the bottom of the gameplay screen. It should look like a silhouette of two players. This is known as your friends list. From there, you simply click on the “add friends tab” and enter your friends name (game name) into the field. Click the “add button” to add them to your list. Another way to add a friend is through the Global Rankings interface. This will help you see all players on the server. Click on the name of a player you want to invite and click “add as friend”.

So as you can see, there are two ways to add a friend; both by invitation. However, which way you decide to go will mainly depend on the type of player you will want to add.

However, if you go the server route, consider that your friend has to be playing in the same world that you are sending the invite in. Otherwise, you will need to log into that world and send the invite from there.

It is therefore generally easier to use the search option.

Let us know look at some of the other common questions around friends so that you know exactly what is involved with this aspect of the game.

How Many Friends Can You Have In Forge of Empires?

The total amount of friends that you can have in your friends list in Forge of Empires is 140.

If you want to add new friends once you have reached this limit, you will need to delete friends in order to make room for them.

Equally, you can only send out invitations for friends when you have less than 80 on your list.

From 80-140 friends, you will be able to accept invitations from other players but not send them yourself.

At the beginning of the game, you will be the only one on your friends list; so, this is when you can be most active with adding!

Note; a player will only become a friend if they decide to accept your invitation!

How Do You Delete Friends On Forge of Empires?

To delete friends in Forge of Empires, you need to first visit your friends list by clicking the friends silhouette at the bottom of the gameplay screen.

From there, you can unfriend players by left-clicking on their name (the text not the picture).

Select the the “remove as friend” option.

Benefits of Having Friends In Forge of Empires

There are many benefits of having friends in Forge of Empires.

Perhaps the biggest one is the ability to visit Friends Taverns.

This gives the friend (and other play) some Tavern silver; and they will get more depending on how many other friends visit.

Along similar lines, other players can visit your Friends Tavern; giving Tavern Silver to you.

The moment one other player ‘sits’ in your tavern, you can open up your Tavern and collect the silver that has been generated. This will empty the seat.

You can use your Tavern Silver to upgrade your Tavern building (to provide boosts).

Another benefit for you of sitting in other friends’ taverns, is that at random points, you will obtain a Forge Point for your city.

Beyond just the benefits of Friends Taverns, having friends enables you to see more trade offers in your market.

You and your friends can benefit from exclusive trades, irregardless of whether you are in different guilds.

However, you do need to consider that trading with a friend does require a Forge Point, whereas guild trading does not.

Lastly, the major benefit of friends are that they can contribute to your Great Buildings by motivating and polishing.


Adding friends comes strongly recommended and thankfully it is relatively easy to do once you know how!

Hopefully, this guide has made the process a lot easier for you, especially if you couldn’t find how to before!

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