How Do I Send All My Friends A Message On Forge Of Empires?

Are you looking to send a message to all your friends on Forge of Empires? Not sure how to do it, or if it is even possible? Well my friends, you’ll be pleased you landed here today. This is what you need to do.

So ,how do I send all my friends a message on Forge of Empires? To send a message to all of your friends on Forge of Empires, you need to load the game on mobile/tablet via the app. Use the ‘create message’ function, and use the drop-down to select ‘friends’. Upon doing so, another list should pop up along with an “add all” button.

Pretty simple, but you do need to be on the app.

Hence why you may not be able to find it if you are playing via desktop.

Well at least, with the current functionality and how the game was designed.

A bit frustrating, but it is what it is.

Perhaps it’s a reason for you to download the app, if you are yet to.

Even if you did it just for the messaging, it’s worth it.

At least in my experience.

But what about chatting, generally, and how many friends can you have even?

Let’s explore those, while you are here, shall we?

How Do You Chat In Forge of Empires?

To chat in Forge of Empires, you need to open the chat window from the top right of the screen.

You can talk with other players in your world, neighborhood or guild via this interface.

How Many Friends Can You Have In Forge of Empires?

You can have a total number of 140 friends in total in Forge of Empires.

Therefore, if you max out your limit, you will need to remove friends before you can add more.

Thus, a good approach to ascertaining who in your friend list still play Forge of Empires, is to use the ‘message all’ approach mentioned at the start of this guide, from the app.

Any friend that responds to your message, you know are still playing or you may want to keep.

Inactive or unresponsive friends – well they are good for removal!

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Does Forge of Empires have a chat?

Forge of Empires does have a chat, which can be accessed through the chat icon next to the Messenger icon in the right extended menu. Consider that in order to chat, you need to get to a certain point in the game; researching the Bronze Age technology path, specifically.

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