Forge of Empires Winter Event 2018 Part II (Daily Specials and Event Buildings)

In this Forge of Empires Winter Event 2018 Part II, we will be looking at the Daily Specials and Event Buildings. This has been our experience whilst playing the event on the Beta servers.

In our first Winter Event Article, we discussed briefly the Winter Spire.

You will receive the Winter Spire as a level 1 building when you complete the 10th quest.

From there, you can improve it through building upgrades.

With 8 Winter Spire upgrades, you will receive a grand prize and 3 milestones of the quest-line.

If you decide that you do not want to use diamonds, you can reach level 12 with the last upgrade for completing the very last quest on January 2nd.

If you are considering the idea of a second Winter Spire, it is important to note that this will require 21,000 Diamonds.

If you believe this building is worth this level of investment, then feel free to go for it. This is a decision which you have to decide by yourself.

On our game in the Beta servers, we saw 16 different daily specials.

Usually InnoGames like to change the order, starting from day 2.

In our experience, it makes sense to make your decision about your desired daily special at the very beginning. Therefore, it is best to wait to open presents until the desired prize becomes available.

If you want to buy the Shrines of Knowledge using diamonds – the Winter Event is one of the best opportunities for this.

Its important to note that the best, top ranking players have gained much of their lead from having multiple Shrines of Knowledge in their cities.

And you will not only notice that the Shrine of Knowledge is available as a daily special, but it is also one of the grand prizes that you can receive for lighting all of the candles of the Christmas Tree.

The Wishing Well is another popular building among FOE players. This is primarily because of the opportunity to get 50 diamonds two/three times per year. They also provide a lot of goods.

The Wishing Well Shrink Kit adds to its efficiency, and just like the Shrine of Knowledge, its not only available as a daily special but as one of the grand prizes.

Watchfires are an important part of the majority of player’s city defense.

This is because you can use them to effectively fill empty space between buildings (they do not require a street connection)

The Watchfire can be upgraded to level 2 using a Watchfire Upgrade Kit, increasing the city defense bonus by 2% to 6% and it keeps its 1×1 floor space.

The Rogue Hideout is excellent if you are a new player that does not already have one.

Due to the Rogue’s huge importance in the Guild Expedition – if you are a fighting player you should have at least one in the city. The Shrink Kit can be used to reduce the required space by 1/3.

The Hall of Fame is a building that supports the Guild.

It is best for players that are in the higher ages and are in newly founded guilds. This is when the effect of that special building is at it’s best.

This is because it accelerates the development of new Guilds the most

For example, a player in the Virtual Era, who has already achieved the majority of the FOE challenges. In this case, if this player decided to create a new Guild to support new players, they can build a Halls of Fame to get the guild levels up very quickly.

Another exciting daily special is the Upgrade Kit for the Victory Tower. This will then provide more medals.

When we take a look at l of Shrink Kits and Upgrade Kits on offer, it is clear to see that the game developers (InnoGames) are mainly supporting players who struggle finding adequate building space in their city.

Regarding kits, the main Daily Specials are between the +1 Kit, the Renovation Kit and the Mass Self Aid Kit as daily specials.

Another useful building is the Charming Cottage. This is a residential building that has a 4×3 floor size. This provides population and coins and 6 of a random good of the building’s age.

Next up is the Sleigh Builder. This is a production building that offers a 1 day production: 15 goods of the current age of the building. A benefit of this building is that it only requires 2×3 tiles, so if you are a player in the higher ages this may be of interest.

Santa’s Workshop is already well known from previous years Winter Events. It provides some population, some happiness and several production options, e.g. 10 goods of the building’s age. Unfortunately, due to it’s huge 5×4 size it is not very popular.

Finally there is the Winter Decoration Selection Kit.

By using it, you can choose between one of the following decorations:

  • Festive Tree
  • Gift Tower
  • Nutcracker
  • Reindeer Sleigh
  • Winter Gate
  • Gate Statue West
  • Gate Statue East

If you have a newly founded city, you will benefit a lot from many of these small rewards.

Forge points, Medals, Military Units, Coins and Supplies will help you to make progress.

For those of you who are more advanced, these small rewards will not be of much benefit.

Ultimately, each of you have your own focus, but should all benefit from the great Winter Event.

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