Forge of Empires Summer Event 2022 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Summer Event 2022 guide.

On Thursday, September 1st, 2022 this year’s summer event will start.

The goal is to collect doubloons and use them on the wheel of fortune.

Summer Event Overview

The event starts with an initial balance of 3 doubloons.

For logging in every day you will get two more doubloons.

However, the most doubloons will be given as a reward for completing the 34 rush quests and the 21 daily quests.

Compared to previous years, this time logging in is rewarded relatively higher than the quests.

This is especially beneficial for new players, who can use this event as an enormous boost in the development of their city.

In rare cases, one of the incidents in or around the city can also provide a doubloon.

The milestone after the 20th quest provides another 4 doubloons, and the milestone after the 45th quest even 8 more doubloons.

For logging in regularly, via the event quest series and the incidents in and around the city, we collected more than 130 doubloons.

These can be used at any time in a relaxed manner on the Wheel of Fortune, as there are no daily specials that would make it advantageous to concentrate on a single day.

Summer Event Wheel of Fortune

Most FOE Tips readers will already be familiar with the wheel of fortune from previous years.

For the newer players, we will again give a detailed description.

To spin the wheel of fortune, you need one doubloon each, a medieval Spanish gold coin.

If you spin the wheel of fortune once for the price of one doubloon, it will then stop on one of the nine winning positions.

In most cases, this is one of the consolation prizes, but sometimes it is a silver or even a golden prize.

The consolation prizes will make especially new players of the lower ages happy.

Extra forge points, military units, boosts, coins and supplies are always welcome at the start of the game.

One of the prizes on the Wheel of Fortune always has a golden ring.

Here you can win very special prizes.

The most popular are the Crow’s Nest, the Governor’s Villa and the Pirate’s Hideout, which are the main prizes of the previous year’s events.

So if you want to complete such an unfinished building, now is the ideal opportunity to do so.

However, the event will not be enough to complete these buildings over all levels without using diamonds.

Possibly missing kits could be delivered by the antique dealer.

Then there are many more attractive prizes.

With the wheel of fortune you have the choice between spinning the wheel, with the prizes as they are currently displayed, or with new prizes that are randomly populated.

Both cost one doubloon each.

So it’s worth taking a look at the golden prize before spinning.

Is the main prize still available or has a neighbor already snatched it away?

Is it an interesting prize or not?

If the prize is less interesting, have the wheel refilled with new prizes.

To judge the quality of an offered golden prize, it is helpful to know all possible golden prizes.

The rumor persists that you can specifically influence the result by pressing the STOP key at the right time.

This is definitely not the case.

Nevertheless, the stop key makes sense.

It shortens the wheel’s runtime and in the competition with the neighbor, this increases the chance of getting the wheel’s golden prize and not losing it to the neighbor.

By the way, this is an important insight: you share the wheel of fortune with the neighborhood. They can not only snatch an interesting prize from under your nose, but also simply re-equip the wheel with other prizes when it was actually just ideally equipped for you.

Neighbors can be – even unintentionally – very mean.

Conversely, you can of course also lurk in wait for your neighbors to reach an interesting wheel of fortune constellation, which you can then quickly exploit for yourself.

In order to take advantage of favorable constellations that arise on the wheel, it is advisable to keep a certain basic stock of 10 doubloons until the end.

Anything above that can be used throughout the event. This makes this event very relaxed.

For every spin on the wheel of fortune you get one turn with the sailing ship.

A kind of compass awards 1 to 3 steps for a turn.

Luck plays a certain role here. A

Skeptics be reassured: Although the 3 is only once on the compass, but the two lower values each twice, we still got approximately every third time the 3.

Summer Event Prizes

In a fixed order, there are then the Grand Prizes of the event, especially of course the Upgrade Kits for this year’s Main Prize.

From the quest line you get the level 1 building and 2 upgrades.

So the further upgrades have to be brought by the ship.

Each journey consists of 20 steps.

With an average of 2 steps per turn, my 130 turns should therefore expect the necessary 260 steps.

This leaves me with one upgrade kit missing at the end, but I already got it from the surprise box of the community event.

The Privateer’s Boathouse is then a great event building that sets new accents.

Upgraded to level 11, you have a choice of two variants: Buccaneer Boathouse or Dead Man’s Boathouse.

In addition to population, satisfaction, coins and medals, each of the two buildings provides two combat bonuses and a daily buccaneer box with useful odds and ends.

The buccaneer boathouse provides defense bonus for the attacking army and an attack bonus for the defending army.

These are the two stats that are not well developed in most players.

The Dead Man’s Boathouse is complementary to this: it provides attack bonus for the attacking army and defense bonus for the defending army.

The amount of bonuses depends on the age, but it is always so good that nobody wants to do without it.

If you want to own both boathouses, you have to invest about 35,000 diamonds.

Oh yes, then there is the piggy bank.

This is not a prize in the real sense, but a deal, comparable to the reindeer sleigh.

The price in diamonds remains constant, but you get more for it the further you fill the pig.

If someone decides to spend diamonds on it, please do so only when the piggy is full.

If you actively play through the event, you will end up with an outstanding new building in the city: the Privateer’s Boathouse.