Forge of Empires Fellowship Event 2022 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Fellowship Event 2022 Event Guide!

In Forge of Empires, a brand new event will start on Thursday, July 28th, 2022: the Fellowship Event.

The theming and graphic design is completely new, while the game mechanics take up the proven concepts of the Forge Bowl Event.

Fellowship Event Overview

For 21 days, the goal is to collect travel rations and then use them to travel to as many cities as possible in a mini-game.

The event starts with an initial stock of 200 travel rations.

For the first daily login, you get another 200 travel rations.

Compared to the rewards for solving quests, this is an astonishing amount.

So daily activity is really rewarded here.

During the event there are additional incidents around the city.

These are also immediately recognizable visually and provide additional travel rations every now and then, sometimes 10, sometimes 20, sometimes 30 or even 100.

Fellowship Event Questline

There are 40 instant quests plus 21 daily quests in the now already familiar way.

For each completed immediate quest you get 80 travel rations, for each daily quest even 150 travel rations.

The quests correspond to the familiar framework without any special surprises.

These on average 2 to 3 tasks per day are absolutely manageable in the given time.

We were able to complete the first 5 quests in minutes and got the main prize of the event, the Heroes’ Tavern, as a level 1 building.

For the first daily quest, that is quest 41, you will get the event surprise box for the following summer event.

The milestones after the 19th and 46th quest provide an additional 450, and 1,000 travel provisions respectively.

The 33rd and 61st quests each provide an upgrade kit for the Heroes Tavern.

The remaining upgrade kits for the Heroes Tavern can be obtained through Grand Prizes.

You get one of these after every 25 miles in the mini-game, so each time you reach a town.

Fellowship Event Building

This new event building, the Heroes Tavern, can be upgraded to level 10 with special upgrade kits.

At this highest level, it provides a lot of population, happiness and coins, depending on the era.

In addition, it gives 11 forge points per day as well as a permanent defense bonus for the attacking army of up to 27% and an attack bonus, also for the attacking army, of up to 21%.

These are hefty bonuses that will be especially noticeable to players with little combat bonus so far.

Fellowship Event Daily Specials

Among the daily specials of this event you can also find the main prizes from spring events of previous years, especially the selection kits for Suishun Mill and Hanami Bridge.

The Winner’s Plaza is also among the daily specials as a kit. Of particular interest to many is the Stage of Ages, known from the 10th Anniversary event.

Fellowship Event Mini-Game

For a turn in the mini-game, you choose one of three comrades, which then take our hero a different number of miles forward.

For each such move, there is a small instant reward, depending on the chosen comrade.

Each comrade also offers a chance to win the respective daily special.

Comparable to the trainers at the Forge Bowl event, here you can choose a hero at any time, which is then associated with specific advantages.

The standard hero offers a 3% chance of doubling the reward received for one turn, including the daily special if applicable.

You really get two!

  • The Progress – Hero advances the chosen comrade’s distance one additional mile per turn.
  • The Special – Hero grants a 5% increased chance to win the daily special. And
  • The League – Hero doubles the league points, which count at the end for the success-dependent classification in the respective league, which is honored with extra rewards.

This all sounds good, and of course, you’d like to have it all.

As everyone already suspects it, this option exists, but doesn’t come for free.

The ultimate hero costs 150 diamonds.

Attention: The chosen hero is fired again after one day. Either you pay once more or you have the standard hero again.

The comrades require different numbers of travel rations.

Some comrades are more advantageous in obtaining the daily special, others allow you to advance more quickly.

As a result, it is a good idea to only collect all of the travel provisions during the event and not use them immediately in the mini-game.

If there is a particularly desirable daily special towards the end of the event, you buy the Ultimate Hero once for 150 diamonds.

Now you use all the travel provisions you’ve collected up to that point in a single day.

Doing this you have the choice to choose the comrade with the best chance to win the daily special, or the comrade with the best advance per travel provisions.

In both cases you should succeed in getting the main prize at level 10, which is clearly in favor of the daily special variant.


For those who want to follow our recommendation and maximize their chance to get the respective daily special by using the ultimate hero, I have sorted the comrades once by efficiency.

So for each turn, check if a comrade is in this list and if several comrades of my list are offered, take the one that is furthest to the left in the list.

Please do not complain about the 150 diamonds.

You can easily earn them without spending any money in the game, e.g. in the guild expedition.

The result of this event will surely absolutely delight everyone.