Forge of Empires Summer Event 2021 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Summer Event 2021 event guide. You’ll be glad you stopped by.

We’ll be covering what you need to know, and how to prepare for this year’s summer event, which will start on August 17, 2021.

The goal is to collect doubloons and use them at the wheel of fortune.

The event starts with an initial stock of 3 doubloons. Each time you log in you will get another doubloon.

However, the most doubloons will be given as a reward for completing the 34 rush quests and the 21 daily quests.

In rare cases, one of the incidents in or around the city can also deliver a doubloon.

The milestone after the 45th quest will then deliver 22 doubloons.

Through the event quest series and the incidents in and around the city, we collected a total of 106 doubloons.

Today, on the last day of the event, we used these doubloons on the Wheel of Fortune, since there are no daily prizes that make it advantageous to concentrate on a single day.

Most will already be familiar with the Wheel of Fortune from previous years.

For the newer players, I will again give a detailed description.

To spin the wheel of fortune, you need one doubloon each, a medieval Spanish gold coin. If you spin the wheel of fortune once for the price of one doubloon, it will then stop on one of the nine winning positions.

In most cases, this is one of the consolation prizes, but sometimes it is a silver or even a gold prize.

The consolation prizes will make especially new players of the lower ages happy.

Extra forge points, units, boosts, coins, and supplies are always especially welcome at the start of the game.

One prize on the wheel of fortune always has a golden ring.

Here you can win very special prizes, including the Crow’s Nest and governor’s villa of the previous year’s events.

So if you have an unfinished Crow’s Nest or governor’s villa in the city or in your inventory, you can complete it now.

The event will not be enough to complete these buildings over all levels without using diamonds.

Possibly missing kits could be delivered by the antique dealer.

Then there are many more attractive prizes.

In the wheel of fortune you have the choice between spinning the wheel with the prizes as they are currently displayed, or with new prizes that are randomly populated.

Both cost one doubloon each.

So it’s worth taking a look at the golden prize before spinning. Is the main prize still available or has a neighbor already snatched it away?

Is it an interesting prize or not? In case of less interesting prizes, you have the wheel filled with new prizes.

To judge the quality of an offered golden prize, it is helpful to know all possible golden prizes.

For us, the Sentinel Tower and the associated upgrade, which is available as a silver prize, were most interesting.

The rest, of course, you’re happy to take. You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

There persists the rumor that you can specifically influence the result by pressing the STOP key at the right time.

This is definitely not the case.

Nevertheless, the stop key makes sense. It shortens the wheel’s runtime and in the race with the neighbor, this increases the chance of getting the wheel’s golden prize and not losing it to the neighbor.

This is an important realization: you share the wheel of fortune with the neighborhood. Not only can they snatch an interesting prize from the wheel, but they can also simply re-equip the wheel with other prizes when it was actually just ideally equipped for you.

Neighbors can be very mean, even unintentionally.

Conversely, you can of course also wait for your neighbors to reach an interesting wheel of fortune constellation, which you can then quickly exploit for yourself.

Another important note: Just for this guide we saved all of our doubloons until the end.

But this is not necessary, not even an advantage.

Since there are no daily prizes, you can play this event completely unencumbered when you just have time and desire.

In order to take advantage of favorable constellations that arise on the wheel, it is advisable to keep a certain basic stock of 10 doubloons until the end.

Anything above that can be used throughout the event. This makes this event very relaxed.

For every spin on the wheel of fortune you get one turn with the sailing ship.

So after 106 spins we have 106 possible moves with the ship.

A kind of compass awards 1 to 3 steps for a move. Here luck plays a certain role.

Skeptics be reassured: Although the 3 is only once on the compass, but the two lower values each twice, we still got approximately every third time the 3.

In a fixed order, there are then the Grand Prizes of the event, especially of course the upgrade kits for the Pirate’s Lair.

From the quest series we already had the Pirate’s Lair as a level 1 building as well as 2 upgrades.

So the ship must bring 6 more upgrades. Each journey consists of 20 steps.

So with an average of 2 steps per turn, my 106 turns should expect 212 steps.

220 steps are required to get the necessary number of required upgrade kits.

In fact, this leaves me one upgrade kit short at the end, but I already got it from the surprise box of the wildlife event.

There is also some space if you have the crate.

Without the crate, you have to help out with a few diamonds.

The frequent question, “can you win the main prize without using real money?”, can be clearly answered with YES, if you have the surprise chest.

And the Pirate’s Lair really is an outstanding event building.

It gives up to 29% attack bonus for the attacking army as well as population, happiness and coins.

In addition, there is an 8% bonus on supply production plus one of 3 additional special opportunities: In 40% of the cases this will be a gigantic 40 Forge points, in 32% of the prizes this will be 85 goods of the age of that building, and in the remaining cases up to 30,900 medals depending on the age.

For those who want to use diamonds to get this great building a second time: 6 doubloon purchases of 1,650 diamonds each will get you there.

The pirate hideout can be combined with 3 additional buildings.

These are the captain’s anchorage, which mainly provides a defense bonus for the attacking army, the fisherman’s pier, which mainly provides 4 forge points and the shark shallows, which mainly provide 9 goods of the current age.

Those who actively play through the event will end up with an outstanding new building in the city: the Pirate’s Lair at level 9.