Fighting In The Contemporary Era In Forge of Empires

So far, fighting has become a bit more difficult with each age. This was true not only for the guild expedition but also for conquering the provinces on the map.

And then suddenly you have these insane units of the Contemporary Era.

Especially the fast units and the ranged units are outstanding.

Light Units

The light unit of the Contemporary Era is the Strike Team.

First of all, these Strike Teams have the characteristics of light units already known from the previous ages.

They can hide in the forest, so they can only be attacked from the neighboring tile, and they have a hefty defense bonus in forests.

On top, there is a modest bonus in defense, but they are never in forests when you need them to be.

Really effective is the skill ‘Rapid Deployment.

This means, they start each battle on a random tile, usually close to the opponent, and then they get the right to strike first.

Once 8 Strike Teams have fired, only half of the opponent‘s team is left.

Strike Teams are trained in the Strike Team Center.

Each of these buildings adds an additional 4% attack bonus for all units.

Fast Units

The fast unit of the Contemporary Era is the Attack Helicopter.

It is produced in the Attack Helicopter Base and each base, like the Strike Team Centers, adds 4% additional attack bonus each.

Not only does the Attack Helicopter have the best attack and defense values of all Contemporary Era units, but it always moves very early, just after the Strike Teams, due to its high mobility.

In doing so, it ignores the property of the ground, so it is equally fast everywhere and also passes lakes.

But what makes it so special is that it cannot be attacked by artillery.

If half of the opponent‘s team consists of artillery units, then these Attack Helicopters come, eliminate the other 4 units before they can shoot and after that the artillery can only watch as they are shot down without resistance in the second round.

For those who think that this only works in some petty battles, we recommend the 64th battle of the guild expedition.

Here the Attack Helicopters face two waves of heavy units and artillery. The computer opponent has 210% bonus on attack and defense.

While the heavy units cannot be taken out with two hits each, the losses are still very manageable.

Is that convincing?

The Anti-Aircraft Vehicles have the skill contact, which means they retaliate every time they are hit.

Now, if you combine Anti-Aircraft Vehicles with rogues in Guild Expedition or GvG, the rogues will already retaliate with their transformation.

This makes this unit combination enormously strong. But be careful: this doesn’t work as well on the province map.

The Assault Tank has mediocre values for attack and defense. But its Reactive Armor skill limits the maximum damage it can take to 4 points.

This means that the opponent always needs at least three hits to take out such a tank. This can really make a difference.

Artillery Units

Artillery is the Achilles heel of the Contemporary Era.

Once fired, the short-range missile can hit up to three more targets and often does more damage than the artillery units of earlier eras, but that puts this unit out of the game for this battle.

You can only fire them once at a time. I didn’t even build the missile unit, so little did the concept convince me.

As a compensation, all other units are much better.

Fighting is even more fun in the Contemporary Era than in any previous era.