Forge of Empires Summer Event 2021 [App Players Extra Tip]

Welcome to the second installment of our Forge of Empires 2021 Summer Event guide series, we’ll be taking a look at an additional tip to help app players, specifically.

Either way, the Pirate’s Hideout is the main prize of this summer event.

This can be supplemented with 3 different additional buildings as long as there is space for them on the map.

The main prize gives a random reward every day: forge points, goods, medals, or supplies.

Up to this point, all of this was already known from my video about the summer event.

App players will enjoy a very special advantage: They can virtually choose which of the possible daily productions the building should yield.

This was first reported as a bug.

Since InnoGames apparently makes no effort to change this, all app players should know about this possibility.

Equal rights for all – at least for all app players.

The following trick only works in the app for pirate hideouts from level 6.

If you tap on the pirate hideout in the FoE app, it already shows what you will harvest next time.

In this case, it’s coins, 20,250 medals, 4 forge points, and 9 goods.

The forge points and goods come from the added buildings, i.e. Shark Shallows and Fisherman’s Pier.

The 20,250 medals are obviously the next random reward.

If you now move one of the attached buildings to another free spot in the city and then back again, the prize to be harvested in 24 hours is randomized again.

This can be randomly the same price as before. In most cases, however, you will be shown a different random reward.

If you don’t like the reward, for example, because you already have more than enough medals, you can repeat the procedure until, for example, forge points are offered.

The promised reward can then be collected 24 hours later because this time is reset with every change to the building chain.

So here app players have a unique advantage, and it’s only fair that all players should know about this option. Some PC players might even be tempted to give the app a try.