Forge of Empires Fall Event 2021 [Event Guide]

The annual Forge of Empires Fall event this year starts on September 23rd, 2021. At 9:30 am to be precise!

The goal is to collect the required ingredients for various baked goods and make cakes out of them using a mini-game, for which there are then all kinds of rewards.

In the beginning, everything is focused on collecting as many ingredients as possible, i.e. apples, pumpkins, chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel.

The first ingredient is given in a familiar way every day for logging in.

Then there are 75 quests, each of which contributes a random ingredient.

As with every event, there is a main quest line and daily quests.

At first, you get only one task of the main questline.

From task 5 on you will be offered 2 tasks at the same time.

Just scroll the quest window up and down.

This not only gives you the choice of which of the two quests you want to tackle first.

You can also fulfill both in parallel and sometimes you can even fulfill both quests at the same time with the same action.

Depending on how you complete the quests, different constellations can occur.

It is especially desirable to use this effect with the 4- and 8-hour productions.

They then fulfill both quests at once and thus really save time.

With quest 54, the tasks of the main quest series have been completed and now 21 daily quests follow.

One of the most common questions new players ask is about the worry of losing quests if they take too long to complete the first quests.

Not to worry.

Daily quests that have been accrued but not yet achieved will appear when the main quest line is completed.

You can catch up on all the quests.

None will be lost.

However, you should hurry up a bit. 75 quests in 3 weeks, including many long supply productions, does require some effort.

It’s not overly difficult, but you have to keep at it to get everything done in that limited time.

You can get more ingredients from the incidents around the city.

With about a 10% chance you will get a random ingredient instead of the actual reward.

After all, the daily challenge offers two random ingredients as a reward for one of the two possible tasks.

Over the duration of the event, that’s another 40 ingredients.

Very important: Only those who get these additional ingredients from the daily challenges every day have the chance to finally have the main prize at the highest level without using diamonds.

For reaching milestone 4 of the quest series, i.e. after task 54, you get 3 of each ingredient.

Thus, you can realistically collect more than 180 ingredients during the event with a high time commitment and then bake treats from them in the event window.

For each cake, you need 1 to 3 ingredients.

You always have the choice between 3 possible cakes, which are randomly selected from a list of 15 possible cakes.

Recipes with 1, 2, and 3 ingredients are all equally frequent.

For each cake, you immediately get a prize from a list permanently assigned to the cake.

The respective chances of winning are indicated.

The daily prize is different every day.

Most of the prizes are offered more than once.

So you should not be too pressured by the first appearance of a prize yet.

There will probably be at least one-second chance.

Often, the Beta Server prizes of the first and last day are kept for the player worlds, while for all other days the order is re-diced.

For example, this time on the first day of the event, the daily prize was a selection kit for the previous year’s Harvest Festival set.

This way you can complete it if you didn’t manage to do so in the previous year.

Likewise, there is the selection kit for the autumn mill, the September Cottage, and the Cidre Mill.

On the last day of the event on the beta server, the daily prize was a storage kit.

Now, of course, you can look at which cake would provide the best prices.

Or you can look solely at the chance of the daily prize.

My recommendation is rather to be surprised by the prices and to choose the cakes mainly according to which ingredients you have the most of.

Because it doesn’t help in the end to have a lot of one ingredient left, but only recipes for the remaining ingredients.

So it’s worth waiting for a day with the desired Daily Special and then baking in each case the recipe that best brings the ingredients to an even level.

For example, if you have a lot of apples at the moment, you should preferably use recipes with apples.

Of course, you can also be inspired by the recommendation of the FoEhelper.

Just don’t lose sight of the ingredients.

Each cake is then arranged on a table.

You can see that the table has 20 stars. With each cake, you add as many stars as you needed ingredients for baking.

In the end, each ingredient becomes a star.

When all 20 stars are full, you get the grand prize shown.

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s grand prize. The new event building is called Golden Crops.

After completing quest 7, you get this new event building as a level 1 building.

Milestone 3 after the 37th quest provides an upgrade kit.

Completing the entire quest series provides another upgrade kit, bringing the building to level 3.

The mini-game in which the collected ingredients are then baked provides more upgrade kits.

The ingredients obtained via the quest series are not quite enough to reach level 6 of the building.

However, with an ingredient or two from the incidents, level 6 should be achievable for everyone.

Those who get the 2 more ingredients every day via the daily challenge can bake more and will then surely get another upgrade kit for it, reaching level 7.

Since not all players will do the challenges every day, this will then be associated with a good league placement for those who do.

From the 3rd league, Apprentice Baker, the league reward then includes another upgrade kit. This then brings the new event building to level 8.

Finally, there is a selection kit from the summer event surprise box, which can then be used to reach level 9 of the new main prize.

For the baker league, it is crucial which league you will be in at the end of the event.

It can be assumed that the Star Baker and Professional will only be achievable with the use of diamonds.

The Apprentice Baker league, as explained, is required to be able to reach level 9 of the main prize without diamonds.

The values of the main prize are really interesting, especially for new players.

They are especially happy about a permanent bonus on supply production, supplies, forge points, goods, and One-Up-Kits.

This will really boost the development of the city and should be motivated to tackle this event with commitment.

Good luck!