Daily Specials In The Forge of Empires Fall Event 2021

We were recently asked to highlight the daily specials of the Forge of Empires Fall Event 2021.

First and foremost, many small prizes are on offer. The likes of the tactician towers, renovation kits, the shrine of knowledge, and medals are up for grabs.

Then there are all the big prizes of former fall events.

Let us now walk through those big prizes.

Cider Mill

First of all, there is the Cider Mill, the main prize of the 2017 Fall Event, which can be improved 5 times using upgrade kits.

The two interesting production options of the highest level provide 15 goods of the building’s age every 8 hours or 7 Forge points every day.

Despite the huge length of this building, it is still quite an interesting option for players of the lower and middle ages.

Only players of the highest ages with goods in abundance will then stow it away in their inventory.

Mill OF Fall

The Mill of Fall, once the top prize in the 2018 Fall Event, is already a somewhat older building, and given the inflationary trend in event prize values, it’s no longer top tier.

But new players who don’t have better buildings should still consider the Colorful Mill of Fall in particular, as any upgrade kits that may still be missing can be completed via the Antiques Dealer.

As soon as a player gets better buildings through further events and needs space for these, he will probably then finally store the Mill of Fall.


The Cottage was the main prize of the 2019 Fall Event.

This event building now also became out of date, but still quite desirable for many new players.

The 3 variants at the highest level offer different daily productions for fighting players, those who mainly need goods or simply a lot of forge points.

Harvest Fields Selection Kit

In my opinion, the most interesting Daily Special is the Harvest Fields Selection Kit, especially if you have already built the Harvest Barn.

With interesting combinations you can set certain accents: More forge points, better city defense, attack bonus, defense bonus for the attacking army, goods and medals.

By choosing the appropriate buildings from the selection kit and placing them next to enough different neighbors from the same set, you can expand the individually important rewards quite significantly.

In this regard, only the Sunflower Patch and the Primrose Bloom require a road connection.

Even high-end players should not despise this. In my opinion, it is the most interesting option in this year’s Fall Event.