Forge of Empires Starting Guide Part 8 [Architecture and Militia]

Welcome to the eighth installment of our Forge of Empires Starting Guides. Today, in part seven, we will be taking a look at Architecture and Militia!

With the research of the first technology of the new age, we ascend to the Iron Age. We are often asked when is the best time to advance to a new age.

In this case, the answer is very simple: there is absolutely no reason to stay in the Bronze Age even a second longer than absolutely necessary.

Move up to the Iron Age as fast as you can. This will not only bring nice rewards. From now on, helping other players will be rewarded with 50 coins instead of 20.

Also, we want to advance in the game. Many important elements of this game become active only in the Iron Age.

With the research of the technology Architecture, we got the opportunity to support Great Buildings of other players and thus get contributor bonuses.

More on this later. Guild hopping and daily motivating/polishing has had its first small successes. The inventory already has quite a few blueprints.

With the research of the technology militia we can not only build a better alternative to the spearfighter barracks, but also have access to the daily challenges.

Alternating every day these are some quests that must be completed on the same day to get the reward. And these rewards are often really interesting.

Tasks that require a lot of tavern silver or numerous goods are unrealistic at the moment. A simple negotiation sounds so easy, but without the required goods we can’t even do that.

Then we ignore the daily challenge. However, if they are just solvable quests, then it is definitely worth doing them.

On the other hand, completing another quest, using 12 Forge points, and conquering a sector, aren’t really tasks.

We would have done all that anyway. That’s where you like to take the reward.

Unfortunately, we get the worst of the possible rewards. We will not build a color guard camp. However, it will help us a lot in another way later.

For the daily challenge, we have taken a sector of Paruuch. I also want to show that in today’s video. We use spear fighters against the computer’s horsemen and soldiers, and slingers against the opponent’s legionnaires.

We see how difficult it is for Bronze Age units to defeat the well armored heavy units. The numerical superiority alone helps us to win.

At the end, a brief reminder of what should have become a daily routine by now:

  • Collecting and restarting productions
  • Help other players by motivating and polishing
  • Visit your friends’ taverns
  • Pay attention to the happiness of the population
  • Take a sector every now and then

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