Forge of Empires Starting Guide Part 9 [Cottages and Iron Age Goods]

Welcome to our ninth installment of our Forge of Empires Starting Guides. Today, in part nine, we will be taking a look at Cottages and Iron Age Goods!

In the previous 8th guide of this series, we have advanced to the Iron Age. With each new age, two topics become relevant.

The first is to increase population.

New buildings, especially for the production of goods and the training of military units, require much more population than in the previous age.

In addition, there are new residential buildings. Some residential buildings have the advantage of providing more coins.

Others, however, provide more population per tile. We have plenty coins through the Daily Aid of other players. Space, on the other hand, is always a problem.

Therefore, we deliberately choose to build the most space-efficient residential building of each age.

In the Iron Age, these are the Cottages. As soon as these are researched, we replace all Bronze Age buildings with Cottages.

This creates the necessary population increase, enabling us to build the production buildings of the Iron Age. This will then allow potteries to be replaced by butchers. This then improves the production of supplies.

The second issue after each advancement into a new age is then the production of goods.

In the Bronze Age, we had found two resources on the provincial map and then built the corresponding goods productions.

These are still standing until we have reached a sufficient stock of about 200 per good.

We also find resources on the Iron Age province map. The first one is an ebony deposit. So we need a corresponding goods production building.

As in the Bronze Age, also in the Iron Age it is very important to produce only those goods yourself for which you have found the corresponding resource deposit.

All other goods are exchanged on the market. More about the market in another episode.

To obtain this first deposit of goods, we had to conquer the province of Paruuch. The necessary battles for this will also come today at the end of the video.

Soldiers are still our only Iron Age units. Therefore, there are no possibilities for a variation in the selection of the team.

As always, we use the cover of the bushes and forests. Against the horsemen, the soldiers have special bonuses, but they also get along well with the archers.

In the next battle, the same team has a much harder time. The opponent’s heavy unit, the legionary, is a tough nut to crack and the way to the ballistae is very long. Some losses are inevitable.

In the end, the only thing that counts is the conquered sector.

In the last battle of today’s video, the Bronze Age catapult is used once again. It has bonuses against heavy units. However, it becomes very clear that this now obsolete unit can do very little.

With the conquest of Paruuch we have the first Iron Age resource.

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