Forge of Empires Starting Guide Part 3 [Daily Routine]

Welcome to our third installment of our Forge of Empires Starting Guides. Today, we will be taking a look at an optimal daily routine when playing.

The second part of this series focused on production and first battles on the province map.

By now, collecting production on a regular basis has certainly become a routine. Whenever there are Forge points in the bar, we invest them in research.

We have received a new message in the game. This one points out the importance of guilds. It is recommended to give priority to this branch of the technology tree in order to join a guild as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we have 4 slingers and can use them to tackle another sector on the provincial map.

Slingers have a special bonus against warriors and so we finish this battle without any losses. However, slingers take longer to heal their injuries than spearfighters.

However, we still have enough units for a second attack.

After 15 minutes, the slingers have recovered and we can finally conquer the last sector of the Tyr province. This gives us access to the PvP tower. More about this later.

Slowly we should replace inefficient residential buildings with something better.

We had explained that you can simply put the new houses of the same size over the old houses.

But that only works if you have enough free population for the demolition. But this is scarce right now and so we are building the houses elsewhere for now and will move them later.

We have received two friendship requests.

At the beginning we should accept all friend requests.

Each new friend will help us develop faster. Only much later in the game we will have to weed out inactive friends.

Each player will be sorted into a neighborhood with random other players of the same age in a 2-week rhythm.

We can help these neighbors by motivating their houses and production sites and polishing their cultural buildings and decorations.

In the app, the best way to do this is to go to the end of the list of neighbors, all the way to the right, and then click on the last player. In the menu that pops up, tap Aid.

You can do this for each neighbor once every 24 hours. Then do the same for the neighbor to the left of the last player and so on.

When you reach the left edge of the display, the list moves forward by one neighbor by itself. This means that motivating and polishing is solved more elegantly in the app than on the PC.

The neighbor gets a star above the motivated building and it then has twice the performance. However, it also helps us and does so immediately.

For every help we get 20 coins. So helping all neighbors is connected with income of about 2,000 coins. Therefore, from now on we will not be short of coins.

Also, every now and then for pressing Aid you get a blueprint from the age of the building you helped.

Such blueprints can be used to construct unique buildings. Here we got a blueprint of the Statue of Zeus.

This is the most important Great Building for a new player at the beginning.

However, we need a complete set. Until we have that complete, it will take some time. It is important to help all possible friends and neighbors once every day. This helps them and us.

In between, so when our units are all complete again, we attack a sector on the provincial map every now and then and thus make steady progress.

So far, we have only used autocombat and have only influenced the outcome of the battle by choosing the best team in each case.

With producing, collecting, helping friends and progressing on the province map, we develop a certain routine.

These game elements will accompany us permanently in the game.

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