Forge of Empires Starting Guide Part 1 [Game Intro]

If you are new to Forge of Empires, then you are going to want to know how to approach the game when you first start. This guide, and the following PowerStart series, will help you to do just that.

We also want to show how the game runs in the app.

If we wanted to play together with friends, we could have chosen the appropriate world manually.

But instead, we simply follow the recommendation of the game.

Via the tutorial, we learn from the example of the hut that you can build residential buildings, get more population through them, and collect taxes from the residential buildings on a regular basis.

There are also buildings for producing supplies. The first of these is the hunter.

Very important is the research menu. By researching the first technology of the Bronze Age, we immediately advance to this new age and get some rewards in the form of coins, supplies, 2 forge points, and 5 medals.

Unless the forge points bar at the top is full, one forge point regenerates every hour.

At the beginning of the game, this is our best source of Forge Points.

Later, other sources will be much more significant to receive Forge Points.

The advisor Rague Silvertongue will accompany us with his advice throughout the ages.

Here he recommends to always pay attention to happiness.

This is improved by cultural buildings and decorations.

More population requires more happiness.

Therefore, this must always be adjusted.

The production would be worse with an unsatisfied population.

However, this would not be a disaster.

All beginners receive 100 diamonds to build a longhouse.

The longhouse is the first premium building that a player can build.

We follow the default because the tutorial forces this.

However, we recommend to all players that this was the last premium building that is bought for diamonds.

It is simply not worth it and we need diamonds for other purposes much more urgently.

With the research of spears, we come to the military part of this game.

We can now build a spearmen barracks and get access to the province map.

On it, we explore the first province, use the two spearmen, and follow the tutorial instructions.

We will go into detail about fighting in later episodes. Today we are destined for victory.

Now we receive an offer for a unique starter kit. We recommend all players to resist this temptation.

It is not necessary to spend money on this game, but perfectly OK if someone says that advantages in the game are worth money to him.

Only, every player should wait until he knows the game better. Besides, there will be much more rewarding opportunities later on if you really want to use money to advance faster.

This series will show that you can achieve everything without using any money at all – except for the first rank on the leaderboard.

It would be too late for that anyway on worlds that have already been running for a long time, even with the use of money.

The others are years ahead. It’s impossible to catch up, but it doesn’t hurt us either.

Train the two possible spearmen in the built spearman barracks.

In addition, unlock the two other slots with coins and supplies.

Do not unlock the fifth slot with diamonds.

That would be a waste of this premium currency.

With the pottery, we get to know the first slightly better production building for supplies.

Replacing outdated buildings with newer ones is an essential part of this game, at least in the early ages.

We learn that coins can also be used to buy Forge points.

We can only encourage all players to make frequent, but not excessive, use of this.

As long as a sufficient stock of coins is maintained, spending coins for Forge Points is absolutely recommended.

With each purchase, these Forge Points become more expensive.

However, as we progress further in the game, we also get more and more coins.

If you follow the tips in this series, you will always have enough coins and supplies.

Unlike diamonds, you don’t have to be stingy with coins and supplies.

Now we’ve reached a point where we can’t get any further in research for now, because it will take a few hours before we have enough Forge Points again.

We can use this time wisely.

So we like to move my city hall to the back corner of the map.

This has the advantage that it can’t cover any buildings and helps to optimize the city.

We rearrange the paths to connect as many buildings as possible to the city hall with as few paths as possible.

Residential buildings would no longer supply coins if they had no road connection.

Nevertheless, they would still supply the population.

Therefore, if necessary, they can be set up without a road connection. But we are far away from such emergencies.

Barracks and supply productions only work if they have a road connection. Only the decorations do not need a road connection.

In the beginning, decorations are the only way to increase happiness.

After that, we will tear down all decorations and never build any again, unless we absolutely need them for a quest task.

We will explain the reason for this later.

A second spearmen barracks is helpful. It is so cheap that we can easily afford it, although we won’t be able to use it for long.

Also in this second barracks unlock the 3rd and 4th slot.

A city always needs space. If you have unlocked expansions through research, you still have to pay for them with coins and then you can place them.

Here you can see how I buy an additional expansion with diamonds. This is the correct use of the diamonds.

The space will help us a lot in the whole further course and for quite some time we will not spend diamonds for anything else.

So don’t worry about using them here now.

I had already emphasized that replacing worse buildings with better ones is a very essential part of this game.

In the case of residential buildings and streets, there is a convenient peculiarity in this regard.

You don’t have to demolish the old object, but simply put the new residential building in the place of the old one.

This sells the old house automatically, you get some coins and supplies refunded for it and pay for the new house.

Important: You have to have enough free population to do this.

With 8 spearmen we can now turn back to the province map.

In auto-combat we take the provinces. As mentioned before, we will deal with manual combat in later videos.

This concludes the first episode of this new series.

In further guides, we will point out everything you should pay attention to for speedy development.

Have fun in the game!

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