Forge of Empires Space Age Asteroid Belt [Launch Guide]

As of April 23rd, 2020 the Space Age Asteroid Belt started!

We checked periodically if there was a change in the technology tree.

The first technology, Solar Powered EMDrive, is a hypothetical radio frequency resonant cavity thruster that cannot exist in a real world as it ignores physical laws. But in a game everything is possible.

First surprise; Mars Ore is needed, It cannot be collected on Mars any more, but a solution is offered for this.

Independent of that we highly recommend to have a stock if 11,500 Mars Ore before advancing to the Space Age Asteroid Belt.

By the way, Promethium and Orichalcum are also required. But these can still be produced in the usual way. At least for today we have enough resources.

Releasing this technology produces a security query as this step is irreversible and access to the Mars colony is lost permanently.

With moving forward to Space Age Asteroid Belt we get access to the new diamond expansions and the premium buildings.

All other elements still need to be researched in the technology tree.

We know that very well from all previous ages and sometimes it is nice to see that some things never change.

In the city we then have the usual fireworks and an achievement as we released the Mars colony into independency.

Beside that this city doesn’t change for now.

Our Space Shuttle still looks the same. The new engine isn’t visible from outside.

With a click on it we no longer travel to Mars, but to a big rock somewhere in the Asteroid Belt.

As it worked so well for me in the Mars Colony, we also built some residential buildings here, hoping they will provide many credits again.

The 10 million credits we owned on Mars are lost, but we already expected that this would happen.

Clicking in the colony’s town hall opens the window explaining the colony. Sounds to be the same as in Mars with Asteroid Ice instead of Mars Ore.

After canceling a recurring quest, we receive the first quest from the new age: Mars Independence.

Your Grace! With Mars being independent now, we strongly advise exploring our solar system further.

From my calculation, the Asteroid Belt will provide us with optimal resources for further settlement.

This quest is completed already as we already researched the EM Drive.

The next quest asks me to construct 5 residential buildings in the colony. We just constructed many more, but that didn’t help. This happens if we start building without waiting for the related quest first.

Then we allow ourselves to get these nice 3 diamond expansions. 2,000 diamonds each isn’t cheap.

It will take many weeks collecting diamonds to compensate this.

Then we continue researching.

Next, there are 2 pieces of research to synthesize Mars goods. Having these all Mars goods can be produced on the earth and luckily this includes Mars Ore.

The deposits once found on Mars are still multiplying productions by 5 although the Mars colony no longer is ours.

A look on the province map still shows the Mars surface.

All Mars Ore is locked now. Nothing can be collected here anymore.

For a fee of 6.5 million coins, we move forward to the Asteroid Belt.

As we want to demonstrate, we invest a few diamonds to accelerate this. So we see the first asteroid in the Asteroid Belt.

The first province is named Eros, based on the god for love and sex from the ancient Greek mythology.

We conquer one sector after another. Our opponent still uses Mars Age units with a 160% bonus on attack and defense.

We have a 543% attack and a 262% defense bonus.

This is not extraordinarily much, but OK, and given this, these first battles are not really difficult.

The teams are proven by many guild battlegrounds and so we get sector after sector.

From the Mars Age, we usually use Sentinel, Sniperbot, and Steel Warden. Often the automatic fighting mode is enough.

Finally, we receive congratulations on having an exploration site.

By clicking on it again we can explore it. Afterward, we can either fight or negotiate to get Asteroid Ice.

We send a scout to the next province and start the exploration of the Asteroid Ice deposit.

Our last activity in our other Space Age Asteroid Belt is the construction of a mars ore synthesizer.

We would not have needed this if we had listened to the many players who told us to have a sufficient stock of Mars Ore before advancing.

From now on we also know that after Asteroid Belt we will travel in exactly the opposite direction to Venus.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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