Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #8 – May 2020]

Welcome to our eighth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Here, we will be taking a look at the following topics:

  • May 05th Archaeology Event
  • Adding more attack strength, fast
  • Guild Expedition Level 4 more challenging

The last issue we talked about the Brand New Look in Forge of Empires, Spicing Up The Guild Expedition and Guild Battleground Improvements. So be sure to also check that issue out if you wanted to learn more about these topics.

But again, another issue in which we have a nice mixture of news in Forge of Empires.

Archaeology Event 2020

Along with the start of the archaeology event on May 5th, there is some more information.

Compared to the event video something has been improved.

The Airship now has happiness on top.

This is mainly important for players who already have more population than needed, creating a problem with happiness with such a building.

In our case, which is Contemporary Era, unmotivated this event building provides 4,650 happiness. That helps.

This event also helps with attack strength.

Adding More Attack Strength, Fast

We were asked about the possibilities to quickly add more attack strength. Many others asked the same in comments and private messages.

After bringing the three important great buildings, Statue of Zeus, Cathedral of Aachen and Castel del Monte to level 10, the events are the best way to improve your attack strength.

At first sight, there are the Grand Prizes of these events as these event buildings often add a lot of attack strength.

E.g. in our city, the Charcoal Express provides 22% attack strength for the locomotive only.

The attached dining wagons add another 32%. And I have many more other event buildings. It is very beneficial to be active at these events always.

Many players didn’t yet recognize that events provide another great opportunity to improve the attack bonus.

Besides the Grand Prize there usually are other rewards, eg daily specials. In the upcoming archaeology event, there will be the Checkmate Square adding between 5% and 11% attack bonus depending on the age.

And you can receive this reward multiple times on that specific day of the event. That accelerates your development significantly.

Also, the Carousel with an attack bonus between 4% and 8%, is a great choice.

An attacking army does not only have to deliver damage. It also should be able to absorb some damage.

Each Sentinel Outpost adds a bit. Many events, but not including the archaeology event, offer the Sentinel Outpost and its upgrade kit as a daily special.

Guild Expedition Level 4 More Challenging

Since Tuesday the guild expedition level 4 got much more challenging on the beta server.

In return, you will receive brand new rewards which we already introduced in the previous issue of the Journal.

The Ancient Face level 2 provides doubled happiness plus 3% attack bonus.

The Gate of the Sun God also doubles the level 1 happiness and adds 4% defense bonus to the attacking army.

Level 2 of the Tribal Square doubles the number of produced goods to 10 per day. The Ritual Flame then increases the city defense bonus from 8 to 12%.

The Sacred Skywatch level 2 produces 2 forge points every day. The terrace farm level 2 received improvements to all production options.

Especially the 8-hour production doubles the number of goods and daily production now delivers 12 forge points.

The shrink kit for the Fountain of Youth works exactly the same way the kit for the Wishing Well.

Not necessary to emphasize that these new rewards can only be received on level 4 of the guild expedition.

For us, this is a great motivation to complete level 4 every week as it is extremely beneficial now.

Journal courtesy of FOE Hints.

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