Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #13 – October 2020]

Welcome to our thirteenth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Here, we we will bring you news about Forge of Empires.

Here is what we will be covering:

  • Winter Event 2020
  • Aztecs

Table of Contents

Winter Event 2020

The winter event has begun on the beta server. So it will snow again in the city, even if only for a short time. Of course, there will be a separate guide for this event. Today we will have a look at the grand prize of the winter event.

There is a new Winter Bakery, which can be upgraded in the usual way. At level 5 you have the choice between 4 different buildings: The macaron bakery, the gingerbread bakery, the Lussebullar bakery, and the marzipan bakery.

All of them provide a lot of happiness, some population, a 20% coin bonus and daily supplies, 6 forge points and 5 goods.

Beyond this commonality, all 4 buildings have individual advantages on top.

For example, the macaron bakery increases the defense value of the city defense, the gingerbread bakery increases the attack value of the city defense, and the other two deliver up to 189,600 coins daily, depending on the age.

Now you can win this building several times during the Christmas event. If you place different bakeries next to each other in a promenade, they all get one or two additional bonuses. And these are the actually interesting bonuses.

In the case of the Macaroon Bakery, this is the defense strength of the attacking army, in the case of the Gingerbread Bakery it is the attack bonus for the attacking army, in the case of the Lussebullar Bakery it is Forge points and in the case of the Marzipan Bakery, it is goods.

Without neighbors, a single bakery alone is less interesting, but it becomes a very attractive event building with a neighbor, which can even be improved by a third building in the row.

The point is not that one building has to adjoin 2 others as with the cherry garden set. Here, all buildings must simply stand in one row and the last one also benefits from the first one without being directly adjacent to it.

In the event, we find a lot from the previous Winter events plus some new features. More about this in the dedicated guide for the Winter event.


The next Cultural Settlement will be built at the Aztecs. There will be a very detailed video series about this as well. Today I would like to present only the main prizes.

First of all, there is the Sun Temple, a fantastic building with a 4 x 3 base area. After finishing the first settlement you get it as a level 1 building.

It then delivers a few coins every day, a 6% defense bonus for the attacking army, and a forge point. Supplies are added if motivated.

After repeated completion, you can upgrade it further. With each step, the values improve, and from level 2 on, even goods for the guild are added.

At the maximum level 9, the sun temple provides 30% defense for the attacking army plus 10 forge points.

Then there are still fragments of another building if you complete the settlement within a given deadline, this time 18 days.

With the Aztecs, you get the Jade Statue. At level 1 it already delivers coins, 1 forge point, and a random good.

At level 5 it delivers more coins, 5 forge points, and 5 random goods for the player and additionally 10 goods for the guild treasury.

That’s crazy productivity in this tiny area and you can theoretically own this building quite often.

These two buildings are really desirable. In the upcoming video series about the Aztecs, I will explain step by step how to complete this Cultural Settlement within the given deadline.