Managing Your Forge Of Empires Account [All You Need To Know]

Many new players often have questions about their account when they first start playing Forge of Empires. Sometimes these arise right away, other times they come up in time and after you have plated for a little while.

Either way, today we will be taking a look at the most commonly asked questions when it comes to your account and I will be providing those much needed answers that can be hard to find!

So, without further ado, lets get started!

Can You Change Your Name In Forge of Empires?

It is not yet currently possible for you to change your name in Forge of Empires. However, some players have reported some success by contacting the support through the game developers, InnoGames.

So, if you are looking to change your name, then this is the first place to go for a request at change.

Along similar lines, there have been some reports of players having their names changed automatically if they are offensive, or do not comply with the games standards and policies.

How Do You Change Your Password On Forge of Empires?

To change your password on Forge of Empires you have a couple of options:

  1. In The Game Itself
  2. Via the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the Forge of Empires website.

For the first option, it does require you to be logged into your account.

To do so, in the bottom left hand corner of the game screen, you will find the settings cog. Here, you must select your profile, and from there you can change your password.

The second option typically involves resetting your password if you have forgotten it. When you attempt to log into your account, you should find a “forgotten password” button.

By clicking this you can get a password reset link sent to your registered account email address. This will present you with an option to reset your password.

Just remember to make it something more memorable, or take note of it to stop it from occurring again!

If you play the game on other devices, then you will then need to use this password each time you want to play.

How Do You Change Your Profile Picture on Forge of Empires?

Changing your profile picture, otherwise known as your avatar is simple. All you need to do is click on your Town Hall when playing the game.

From there you will want to click on the Profile tab, and then select a new avatar from the range of options that are presented to you and on the list on the right.


There are many different parts to managing your account in Forge of Empires. This is not an exhaustive list and I will be adding questions and answers to this list as and when they come up.

If you have any questions about your account, or changes you want to make, please do drop a comment down below and I can investigate for you and we can look at add it here.

Otherwise, be sure to reach out to InnoGames support. They are very helpful and you will often find that they can help you quickly!