Forge of Empires Defense In the Space Age Asteroid Belt

It doesn’t happen often that a player manages to break through our cities defenses. If this is the case, it is usually with the luck of the Kraken effect. That was different today.

We set up a team of 7 Steel Wardens, heavy units of the Mars Age, and 1 champion of the SAAB.

These units have special bonuses against the attacking Nail Storms, ranged units of the SAAB.

In addition, a possible Arctic Orangery of an enemy attacking with SAAB units will not work because this Great Building is limited to units of the same Age.

By now, almost all SAAB players attack with Nail Storms and usually, they fail miserably because of our city defense.

This is different today, otherwise, this guide wouldn’t have been created. So our respect for this achievement and our thanks for the inspiration for a guide to Vespasian925 from the guild Schweizerland of the German server Noarsil.

Since we assumed that the topic PvP arena would soon come to all player worlds, we had expanded our city defense considerably. Our defending units have a 241% attack bonus and a 1.614% defense bonus. That’s not outstanding now, but against most opponents, it’s quite enough.

Only against Vespasian, this is definitely not enough. He comes with a 1.272% attack bonus and 950% defense bonus of the attacking army.

Especially the latter is extremely rare and against the high defense bonus of the attacking units my city defense with its modest attack bonus doesn’t come up against.

So although Vespasian uses exactly the same attack team for which we set up my city defense, in the end, the sheer amount of the bonuses determines the very clear victory of the attacker.

A look at the attacker’s city is of interest and reveals a surprise. Only the Castel del Monte is level 80.

The Cathedral of Aachen and the Statue of Zeus are still a long way off. Moreover, Vespasian has chosen the Evergreen Express, not the Coal Express.

That could have been a 4 times 22% more attack bonus. But the attached dining cars all provide an attack bonus. The other event buildings are also impressive, only mentioning his 10 villas of the governor.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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