Forge Of Empires Future Era [Age Guide]

The Future Era is the 14th age in Forge of Empires and was added to the game on November 4th, 2015.

InnoGames presents the future as an intact world. Ecological problems were solved and mankind lives in harmony with nature. The power supply is provided by buildings like wind turbines or algae farms. This is a strong contrast to the previous dark Tomorrow Era.

The Future Era is one of the most popular eras. Many stay here for a relatively long time, although it is the last age that one could pass through very quickly.

The hovertank certainly plays a major role in the popularity of the Future Era. The fighting, however, we will discuss in a separate guide.

Before the first collection of the productions, it makes sense to bring event buildings to the new age, for example to produce the new goods with them.

We have already filled the very first technology in the new age with Forge points long ago and now we just have to unlock it.

It’s Tuesday morning, because of the guild expedition, the ideal time for us to change the age. For the research of clean energy there will be a direct expansion rewarded. As in many eras, the second expansion will be available almost at the end of all research.

At the beginning all goods production has to be researched. Although one will use only 2 of them, none can be left out this time. All research is needed to advance in the technology tree.

However, the topmost branch enjoys the greatest attention, because there you can quickly unlock the hovertank.

This requires 185 superconductors in addition to goods from earlier ages. Most players trade them before the start of the new age.

The hovertank will be the most important military unit until the virtual future, so it will dominate for 4 ages.

On the province map, you get the PvP tower in the usual way with the first province. As in most eras, there are two more area expansions.

Two provinces further on you get the 3rd resource of the Late Middle Ages. With this you can produce 3 of the 5 goods of the Future Era with a production bonus.

Since more and more goods are produced in event buildings, this has been pushed a bit into the background.

The penultimate province spoils with 200 diamonds.

After two eras without new roads, this time there is a huge leap. Each element of the small street doubles the happiness compared to the street of the Postmodern Era.

Especially in events it is very welcome to do so to increase happiness. From now on most players have no more lack of happiness.

This is not only due to the streets, but of course also to the effects of the Great Buildings and Event Buildings.

Goods of the Future Era are in great demand in the market.

GvG guilds in particular are always in demand. This is the last specific GvG Age, so it brings maximum points and is therefore highly competitive. This swallows up a lot of goods.

Great buildings like the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Royal Albert Hall, but also the wishing wells now produce Postmodern Era goods.

The two great buildings of the Future Era are

  • The Arc
  • The Rainforest Project

The Arc is undoubtedly the most popular great building in the game. However, it is now being built by most players long before they reach the Future Era.

Thus, the Arc has somewhat lost touch with this age, which only emphasizes its importance for the game.

Most players strive for level 80 of the Arc, which brings a 90% uplift to all contribution rewards. That is a lot of Forge Points, blueprints and medals.

The effect is so powerful that no player can do without it. Until the Future Age, every guild will be happy about the goods that are flushed from the Arc into the guild treasury every day. This also earns a lot of ranking points.

The rainforest project, on the other hand, is more likely to be classified as a less meaningful Great Building. A few additional blueprints for helping other players are not worth the effort.

All in all, the Future Era is very successful and once again a lot of fun.