Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2023 Mini Game

This Halloween, a mysterious witch dares you to a card duel that transcends worlds.

Beware! Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, and even the witch herself come to life, not in flesh but as formidable cards, ready for a chilling battle.

First of all, you choose a deck of cards.

Here it is crucial to choose the deck that contains mostly cards that are good against the next opponent.

Which one that is will be shown to you as a hint.

Each deck also contains some cards from the other factions as well as witch cards.

Once a deck is chosen, it has a cooldown of 12 hours.

So it is important to start 3 decks every day.

This way you’ll avoid having to use 100 Halloween Teeth to unlock the deck faster.

Then you start a game with the button “Start Dungeon”.

Now you will see the first of your initial 14 cards. You will also see that you have 14 life points, which you should take care of.

Your card now has a certain attack power and a bonus against a card of a certain faction.

So this first card shows a zombie, recognizable by the skull, a bonus against werewolves, recognizable by the moon.

Your computer opponent has 11 cards, the last of which is particularly hard as a so-called Boss card.

The opponent’s first card is of the Werewolf type.

This is a very good match in this case, since your card in this example has exactly the right bonus.

However, this does not have to be the case. If you have a card type that exactly matches the opponent’s bonus, use 5 Halloween Teeth to reveal and use another card instead.

The first change of the card costs 5 Halloween teeth, the next change already 20 Halloween teeth.

Tip 1

1st tip: Always change the card when your opponent has a bonus against this card.

To win, you must defeat all 11 enemy cards, but each battle also leaves damage to your deck.

If the life points of your deck drop to 0, then you have lost. Therefore, you must pay close attention to your life points before each turn.

In this example, the enemy card has a damage range of 1 to 3. It also has a bonus against vampires, indicated by the blood drop.

Since you are using a Zombie card yourself, the enemy s bonus will not apply.

Therefore, only the specified damage range of 1 to 3 counts, which means that you will be able to take a maximum of 3 damage on your next turn.

Since your deck still has 14 life points, you would still have 11 life points after your next turn.

With this, everything is in the green zone and you are ready for the next turn.

Tip 2

2nd tip: Before each turn, check if you have enough health points left

Now, when you click the Fight button, you inflict the base damage plus any bonus damage to your opponent.

In this case, the base damage is 4 to 6 points plus the bonus damage of 3 points, since the opponent’s card belongs to the faction against which your card has a special bonus.

So, with this card, you can expect to inflict 7 to 9 points of damage to the opponent’s card.

Since the opponent’s card has only one life point, this move will definitely defeat it.

The card used here is actually way too good and you could have exchanged it for a worse card for 5 Halloween Teeth to still keep that better card later for later.

The battle causes you to lose 2 life points, and the card you used is out of the game. You now have 13 cards left.

For this completed battle you get a key and blueprints.

Your opponent’s card had only one life point.

Of course, it has lost this life point and is therefore removed from the game. You are now shown the second of your opponent’s 11 cards.

With the first cards, the strength increases from card to card. Accordingly, this second card now has 2 life points.

You briefly check that you have enough health points for the fight and press the Fight button again.

After the second battle, you still have 12 life points, gain 3 keys and 20 Forge points, and your opponent’s card is removed from the game.

At the third card we simply use the possibility to change the card against payment of 5 Halloween teeth.

After this change we get 3 cards to choose from. Choose one of these three cards and fight.

We are lucky and the third card of the opponent was also eliminated.

After three cards are played, we reach a special situation in this game. You now have the opportunity to get one to three additional, very advantageous cards.

The first card is free. You always take it.

The second card costs 50 Halloween teeth. I recommend that you always take this one as well. The third card costs 100 Halloween teeth and I recommend to take only two cards at a time.

Tip 3

3rd tip: Always take two of the bonus cards

But which of the three cards should you choose?

Tip 4

4th tip: Never choose the card that only heals.

Reason: Healing is cheaper another way. You need these cards to do damage.
The card revealed to us then fits.

We briefly check that the life points are sufficient and fight.

This leaves us with 6 life points and, thanks to the bonus cards, 12 cards again.

Next, one of the drawn bonus cards is displayed. Since the opponent has only one life point left, this very good card would be wasted.

Therefore, for 5 Halloween teeth, we exchange it for another card to be able to use the very good card later.

Now we get 3 cards to choose from.

We take the worst of these three cards, as it is enough to remove the opponent’s card from the game. As a reward we get a key and 50 pieces of a good.

Now we have 11 cards left and the opponent uses his 5th card. As you can see, this opponent’s card has 6 life points by now.

This will also be the level of the following cards. Only the last card, the boss card, is much harder.

The opponent’s card could do up to 4 points of damage even without bonus damage. We have only 4 life points left.

Thus, the battle could be lost with the next turn.

To prevent this, we should definitely heal the lost life points. Healing 10 life points costs 85 Halloween teeth and is the most cost-efficient healing in the game.

Next we are shown a card against which the opponent unfortunately has a bonus.

Therefore, it is recommended to follow the 1st tip and exchange the card against payment of 5 Halloween teeth.

Since the opponent’s card has a full 6 life points, it’s good to be able to halve that now with the card offered. This doesn’t take the opponent’s card out of the game, but it puts us in a good starting position.

Our next card is very weak. The chance of eliminating the opponent’s card with it is very small.

I dare to do it anyway. Unfortunately, it goes wrong. So I have to play another card.

Afterwards, I have 9 cards left to defeat the opponent’s 6 remaining cards.
However, the opponent has a bonus against exactly this type of card.

Therefore, we follow the 1st tip again and exchange this card for 5 Halloween Teeth.

We are shown a very good card. This should certainly be enough to take out the opponent’s card with it.

The nice thing is that we are guaranteed to lose only a single life point in the process.

As a reward you get 5 keys.

Once again, we can draw one to three additional cards. The same tips as before still apply.

So we take 2 cards. We leave out the card that only heals. So we have 10 cards again.

The next card offered is not ideal, but it has the potential to take at least half of the opponent’s life points.

While the goal should be to defeat the first cards of each game using a single card of your own, you must always use two cards of your own against the cards with 6 life points.

We still have 9 of the original 14 cards. Due to the very good bonus cards received every now and then, this should work out in the end.

The next card happens to be identical to the opponent’s card. It should be enough to defeat this enemy card, since it only has 3 life points left.

You will be rewarded with a key and 30 Forge Points.

We continue the fight according to the same principle. We are sparing with our own cards, because if we have not defeated the boss after playing the last card, the battle would be lost for us.

In addition, we must always pay attention to the life points, which must never fall to zero even in the most unfortunate course.

In the end, we have 3 cards left against the opponent’s boss card.

With so few cards left, swapping doesn’t really help anymore, because eventually we will have to use all our remaining cards against this boss card anyway.

Always heal enough and use card by card against the boss.

Fortunately, we still have one of the purchased bonus cards left at the end, which is certainly enough to defeat the boss card.

There is a special prize and various keys for defeating the boss.

If you manage to have more cards left at the end, you will receive additional keys as a reward.

With the keys you then buy at least one box every day, because the daily first box is doubled. You should not miss this.

Tip 5

5th tip: Open at least one box every day.

Keys and boxes will advance you on your way to the Grand Prizes, and that’s how you’ll get the event building that I introduced in the first Halloween event guide.

Good luck!