Forge of Empires Winter Event 2023 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Winter Event 2023 Event Guide!

The Winter Event 2023 starts on December 1st, 2023. It is the last and longest event of the year and follows the familiar pattern of previous years.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2023

As usual, we collect winter stars again.

We have 20 immediately at the start of the event.

You will receive a further 10 stars each time you log in.

Forge of Empires Winter Event 2023 Quests

As usual, the event’s quest series is divided into 38 Rush Quests, which can be tackled immediately, plus a further 32 Daily Quests, one of which is added to the Rush Quests each day.

The first 38 quests are rewarded with 10 Winter Stars each.

After that, there are 30 Winter Stars per quest.

The milestone for the 21st quest and the 54th quest reward us with 50 and 150 Winter Stars respectively.

You can also get Winter Stars from the incidents in and around the city.

Winter Event 2023 Stars & Prizes

The winter stars are then used to open presents.

When opening the gifts, you can sometimes get more winter stars.

If you open the gift with the shuffle symbol, you will receive a completely new set of gifts.

With each gift, you immediately receive a small prize, with one of the gifts containing the daily special.

These daily specials are quite something.

They also include kits for the Grand Prizes from previous years.

Winter Event 2023 Advent Calendar

Sometimes one of the packages contains an advent calendar key.

The first key found on a day opens the door of the current day in the Advent calendar.

Each additional key found on the same day provides a piece of a master key and 10 stars.

5 pieces of the master key then allow you to open a door that you have missed.

Each opened door of the Advent calendar contains an instant prize.

The Advent calendar in the winter event cannot be completed without using diamonds.

Even completing all 31 Daily Challenges, each of which yields a piece of the Master Key, is not enough to complete the calendar, even with a lot of luck.

That’s why I recommend that players without diamonds simply take the few doors that can be opened along the way.

Gifts are unwrapped when the Daily Special is attractive.

Incidentally, this Daily Special can be exchanged for a different one once every day.

Each gift you open brings you one or two steps closer to another Grand Prize.

As usual, every second Grand Prize is an upgrade kit for the main prize of the event.

Winter Event 2023 Grand Prize

This year’s main prize is the Winter Wonderland Pyramid.

This is an event building that can initially be upgraded to level 10 with upgrade kits.

The 11th upgrade requires a special silver upgrade kit and results in the Grand Winter Wonderland Pyramid.

This special upgrade kit is assembled from fragments produced by the level 10 version of the building.

The Grand Winter Wonderland Pyramid in turn produces fragments for a Golden Upgrade Kit.

With this, the pyramid can then become Majestic.

With the Winter Stars from the quest line and the milestones, you can open enough gifts to get more upgrade kits than required.

This will reliably get you the Grand Prize at level 10 and then it’s only a matter of time before this building is upgraded to the Great Pyramid and then the Majestic Winter Wonderland Pyramid.

The Majestic Winter Wonderland Pyramid then produces up to 48 goods of the current age, up to 19 Forge points, up to 12 military units, as well as high bonuses for the attack values of both the attacking and defending armies.

In addition, there is an extra attack bonus in favor of the attacking army for guild battles and in favor of the defending army for guild expedition level 5.

Winter Event 2023 Elf Workshop

Finally, we should briefly mention the elf workshop.

This is not a gift, but an offer to buy. With each Daily Special, you can choose one of two items.

However, you only get this item if you pay 2,995 diamonds for it.

Compared to what Innogames usually charges for in-game purchases, the offer is quite attractive at this price.

However, as this deal can only be made with diamonds, it will not be possible for all players.

And to be honest, you can get by without this extra prize.