Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2023 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2023 guide.

At the end of October, the Halloween event will start again.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2023

In this event we will get a completely new mini-game based on a kind of tarot cards, with werewolves, vampires, zombies, and witches.

Since this new mini-game needs a detailed explanation, there will be a separate video for it soon.

This guide is about the quest series and the event buildings.

About The Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2023

In the Halloween event, the first thing is to collect Halloween teeth.

At the start of the event you get 200 teeth.

The next 150 teeth are given daily for logging in.

Then each of the 34 quests of the main quest series provides another 120 teeth, and the 21 daily quests that follow provide 250 teeth each.

The quests will then be in the first pinned comment of the separate video for the new mini-game.

You can also purchase teeth in exchange for diamonds.

Depending on the size of the purchased package, it’s just under 2.5 to 4 diamonds per tooth.

Of course, incidents in and around the city also occasionally deliver teeth, mostly 10, but with luck sometimes 25 or 40.

Finally, you get 400 teeth for completing the milestone after Quest 5, as well as 600 teeth as a milestone after solving quest 30, and a whole 900 teeth for the milestone at quest 40.

As an active player, you will receive more than 14,500 teeth during the event, plus the ones you get from the incidents.

These teeth are then used in the event window.

More about this in the mini game guide which you can read here.

In this event, the daily challenges are again very important.

You don’t get teeth from them, but keys that can be used to open boxes.

Besides, they will advance you on the way to the Grand Prizes.

Forge of Empires Halloween Event 2023 Main Prize

The main prize of the event, is the Laboratory of Monstrosities.

You get this new event building at level 1 as the first Grand Prize without any upfront activity.

After that, every other grand prize is an upgrade kit for this building.

You get two more upgrade kits from the quest series’ milestones. So to get the building to level 8 you need 5 upgrade kits from Grand Prizes.

At level 8, this 4×5 building then provides up to 31% attack strength and up to 17% defense for the attacking army and up to 32% attack bonus and up to 18% defense bonus for the defending army, depending on the building’s age or era.

In addition, medals are produced and if the building is motivated by fellow players, then it provides up to 63 goods of the previous age, 50 guild goods, up to 23 Forge points, 5 of 150 required fragments for a kit to improve this building again and one of 100 required fragments for an Ectoplasmic Nightmare selection kit, but only players with the paid Event Pass can build it.

The improved version of the building mentioned before is then the Sinister Monstrosity Lab.

This then has improved stats and produces 5 fragments daily for a Thundering Monstrosity Lab.

This is then the highest level of the building.

So it is only a matter of time until you will have the better versions in your city.

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