Forge of Empires Forge Bowl 2022 Preview

Today’s guide offers a first preview of the Forge Bowl event and highlights the innovations.

On the game world, the winter event will start on Thursday, (02nd December), and on the beta server, the Forge Bowl event started today (01st December), i.e. the first event of the upcoming year 2022.

You can expect the usual mini-game and the questline is also from the known repertoire.

More information will be available at the end of December in a follow-up guide on the Forge Bowl event, which will then present the entire game mechanics of this event in detail, especially to new players.

Today’s article is more for experienced players who want to know what’s in store for them.

By the way, we completed the first 8 tasks of the quest series in 5 minutes.

Then came a task with 4-hour productions.

But let’s rather look at the topics that experienced players are mainly interested in.

NEW in this event is the purchasable event pass.

This is a new event feature that will probably now be available in every event from 2022.

You can see in the bottom row the Grand Prizes of the event.

We were already able to collect the first grand prize in the form of 50 Forge Points.

Above that, we see a row with further prizes, called Bowl Prizes in the Forge Bowl event.

Now, if you pay 1,800 diamonds, you can always collect the Bowl Prize in addition to the earned Grand Prize.

The first one is called a Goody Bag, which is like a gift bag and contains 20 Forge points, 40 goods of the current age, 30 goods of the previous age, and an age-dependent number of medals.

We’ve flipped through these additional prizes and honestly, if you don’t spend 1,800 diamonds on them, you’re not really missing out.

But of course, everyone has to judge that for themselves.

As daily prizes, we can again expect the Grand Prizes of previous years, i.e. the Colossus, the Olympic Vault, and the Terracotta Vineyard.

These are all still great buildings.

The new Grand Prize is the Fiore Village.

Fiore is Italian meaning flower.

In terms of game mechanics, this is a residential building, even though visually it’s quite a few buildings built around a small square.

Obviously, the InnoGames designers had gone on a trip to the Italian Mediterranean coast and got some inspiration there.

It looks very nice!

At the highest level 10, this building offers defense for the attacking army and 30 goods from the building’s age on its 4×6 footprint.

The guild treasury gets an additional 20 goods each time it is collected.

The new year starts with a bang that we can all already look forward to.