Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2022 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Bowl Event 2022 guide!

Since 2018, the Forge Bowl event has always been the first event of each year.

This year it will start on Friday, January 14th, 2022 at 9:30 am.

Everyone will start the game with an initial stock of 200 footballs and then there will be another 110 footballs each for logging in daily.

Incidents in and around the city also occasionally bring more footballs, often 5 or 10, but with a lot of luck sometimes 200.

Then there are 70 footballs for each of the 35 rush quests and 140 footballs for each of the 21 daily quests.

Then for solving the 5th quest you get the first milestone reward, the Fiore Village.

For the very first daily quest, there is the event surprise box for the St. Patrick’s Day event that follows in February.

For the 30th and the 56th quest, there is an upgrade kit for the Fiore Village each.

Fiore Village

This interesting event building can be upgraded to level 10 with special upgrade kits.

At this highest level, it then provides a lot of population, happiness, coins, and medals depending on the era.

There is also a permanent coin boost, as well as 32 daily random goods from the building’s age for the player plus another 25 goods for the guild.

Up to 34% defense bonus for the attacking army is then probably the most coveted bonus.

This is the first event main prize in a long time that does not provide forge points.

Daily Prizes

Among the daily prizes of this event are then also the main prizes of previous years, in particular the Terracotta Vineyard selection kit, the Colossus selection kit and the Olympic Vault selection kit.

But also the Altar Garden and the Winner’s Plaza are among the daily specials.

There’s something for everyone.


As usual, you pay for each move with some of the collected footballs. There are more expensive players and cheaper players.

Without going too much into this analysis: almost always the cheapest player is the best choice.

More expensive players bring a little more forward momentum, but often cost more than they bring in addition.

I have sorted the players by efficiency here.

So just always choose the player from left to right.

As in the previous year there is a coach.

Depending on the coach you get a special advantage for every move.

The standard coach offers a 3% chance of doubling the price received for a move, possibly even the daily special.

You really get two!

  • The Progress – Coach advances the selected player one additional yard per turn.
  • The Special – Coach grants a 5% increased chance to win the daily special.
  • The League – Coach doubles the league points, which count at the end for the success-dependent classification in the respective league, which is rewarded with extra rewards.

This all sounds good, and in fact, you’d like to have it all.

In fact, this option exists, but everyone already suspects it, not for free.

Attention: The selected coach is fired again after 24 hours. Either you pay again or you have the standard coach again.

As a result, it is advisable to only collect all the footballs during the event and not to use them immediately in the mini-game.

If there is a particularly desirable daily special towards the end of the event, you buy the best trainer once for 150 diamonds.

Now you use all the footballs you’ve collected up to that point in a single day.

However, do not choose the player with the best chance of winning the daily special, but as mentioned, the player with the most propulsion per ball used.

This then guarantees the main prize on level 10 and with a bit of luck there is also a place in the silver league.

In our case, this was the penultimate day of the event and we received 19 vineyard selection kits.

While that can fluctuate a bit due to luck or bad luck, it shows how many daily specials you can actually win in this event.

By alternatively choosing the player with the highest chance of winning the daily specials, this number could be marginally increased, but in my opinion, this does not compensate for the other disadvantages and will therefore only be an interesting alternative for a few players.

We think we can all really look forward to this event again.