Forge of Empires Stealing Strategy

Forge of Empires Tips is back with our latest success-bringing article! We wanted to share with you our Forge of Empires Easy Stealing Strategy.

This is a fantastic method that we use to battle and fight our neighbors; it allows us to steal more goods.

We use this strategy to acquire goods, production supplies and coins and to plunder special buildings like the Mad Scientist Labs or any other Special Buildings that other players may have.

So let us outline the super simple yet super effective Forge of Empires Easy Stealing Strategy.

We’ll take you through step by step and show you how to replicate this method on your own game.

Forge of Empires Easy Stealing Strategy

What you first need to do is open up your Neighborhood list at the bottom.

The higher up your neighborhood list, the better this strategy will work.

This is because all of the other players are going to be much weaker than you.

Now open up your Army Management interface, and ensure that you have 12 Archers and 1 Mercenary ready and available.

Forge of Empires Stealing Strategy

We recommend Archers as they work really well for this strategy.

They work particularly well early on in the game especially if you are in the Early Middle Ages or Below. This is mainly because your neighbors will be still in the Iron Age.

Also ensure that you have a Statue of Zeus built in your city. You will want to level this up as much as you can (level 5 or higher works best).

This will give you a boost in your attacking percentages; and this can be all the difference when it comes to defeating your neighbors.

Forge of Empires Stealing Strategy

Finding The Best Target

Once your army and city has been set up, click one of your neighbors on your target list.

Take a look at their village and their Army Management, make sure you have your Army selected and then take it to the player screen.

You are now about to Battle!

Take a look at the defending army and make a call as to whether you can realistically win the battle convincingly/how much damage the defending army could cause to your own army.

If the defending army has a full defensive army – all 8 units; we advise that you don’t risk the health of your units and stay and battle.

Remember, we are not fighting to win and beat another army. We are here to steal! We are looking to get in, get out and plunder their stuff!

Yes you could win the battle, but it could cost you health and units and slow you down in the long run.

In this case  – HIT THE WHITE FLAG – surrender.

Get out of there, there is no point in sticking around; you wont benefit from that.

Now, repeat the process. Look at your neighborhood list and select your next target.

Again, click their Army Management interface and Click Attack.

Here comes another judgment call.

Immediately you will know whether the army is easily beatable e.g the defending army has two spear fighters (the minimum defense default).

So now you know you can attack!

This is what you want; you want people who have not set up their defense army, and who only have a couple of spear fighters who are incredibly easy to defeat.

With your huge Statue of Zeus attack bonus, you’ll be able to defeat the spearman in just a couple of hits.

You’ll acquire your victory points which will add to your leader-board total and provide you with medals at the end of the week.

But here’s the fun bit, you can now Plunder!

Forge of Empires Plunder

Click the plunder button. Everything that has a lightening thunder bolt you can steal!

Forge of Empires Stealing Strategy

Depending on the city’s development, will depend on what you can steal; Jewelry, Marble, Coins, Supplies etc.

But you want to focus on Goods.

Whether you Win/Lose or Surrender – you cant re-attack that player for 24 hours. The good news is that if you do win, you dont have to plunder immediately.

You can go back within that 24 hours time frame and plunder. So if there is nothing that takes your fancy at first, you can go back to that city later and check to see if any of the goods or special events buildings come back up available to be plundered.

Find Those Easy Battles

So that’s the logic behind the Forge of Empires Easy Stealing Strategy. You pick and choose your battles.

In a nutshell:

  1. Go through your neighborhood list, player by player, starting with the bottom of your neighborhood
  2. Work through the list; take the easy pickings
  3. Surrender those difficult battles, find those easy battles
  4. Rinse and repeat

And that’s it; we hoped you liked our Forge of Empires Easy Stealing Strategy. Be sure to sign up to stay informed whenever we post!

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13 thoughts on “Forge of Empires Stealing Strategy”

  1. That’s the reason why I DON’T PLAY CLASH OF CLANS NOR THIS GAME! That’s too unfair! New gamers are trying to get stronger as much as you all that have everything ready a long time! It’s incredible, but some minutes after I install Clash of Clans everybody want to plunder me! The companies the make these game should prepare something ingame against people like you that teaches to steal weaker (new) gamers. It’s a pity we don’t have good games like Civilization IV to play in our Ipad!

  2. I am really sorry for the way I spoke on my last comment. I do apologise if I was rude because that was not my intention. What I was trying to say is it’s OK if the game let other people plunder you, ONCE YOU fixed everything in the right place in your game. But I never could play Clash of Clans, because too soon I was plundered for so many gamers that I gave up. But my grandson and my son-in-law play it everyday and like it. Please, forgive me if I was too bad with you. Thanks in advance.

  3. I too have been plundered and to me, this is unfair theft – pure and simple. As the saying goes…just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you should! Do you have the same attitude in real life? That you can take from others doing the work so YOU don’t have to work hard? Do the hard work of progressing on your own efforts/time instead of being a thief and ruining it for others. If they are going to continue to allow this plundering, then it should be limited to ONLY people that are at the same AGE and progress within that Age as you. Surely the programmers can figure out how we all sit when re-combobulating the neighborhood.
    That’s my two cents.

  4. All these people whining about plundering…

    You don’t unlock PvP (the ability to plunder and to be plundered) until the end of the IA Research. This gives you PLENTY of time to build an army, earn unattached units in GE, and protect your city with defensive units. If you don’t set up a good defense, you will be plundered. Boohoo. Or, here’s a thought…COLLECT YOUR ITEMS ON TIME instead of leaving them out to donate to other players lol. I waited to unlock my PvP until I was ready. It’s my first time playing any game EVER and I figured it out, so I don’t understand the issue. It’s a game, get over it.

  5. Only losers plunder pretty sad no need for it protection protection all gamers know this

  6. Honestly I like to use 2 Armoured Infantry to take out Spearfighters. I attack the weaker, Iron Age people with the default defense. Since Heavy Units are strong against Light Units, this is pretty efficient. Then I steal supplies, as I can get coins easily from Aiding, and Goods from GBs.

    (To everyone ranting about plundering, go get a better defense. It works.)

  7. It’s true that the people getting plundered are the ones who do not put up any defense whatsoever or are just unlucky enough to be plundered before they have replenished their army after doing battles on the map against the AI. Like it was mentioned in the above strategy, I have been picking battles that I can win with a very small loss to my units. Only when I have extra units at the end of my daily plundering run, do I take on some medium difficulty battles. And everyday, those same people who are plundered are still the same ones who have never put up any army. I think it adds an interesting aspect to gameplay to choose whether you will trade kindly with others or be a scoundrel who prefers taking it. I like to think of it like I am collecting taxes from those people living in my neighborhood. Haha. It’s also fun trying to collect the achievement for plundering. Almost got my 1,500th plunder. Hooray! =)

  8. hey, love the site, congrats.

    Can you guys make a guide on the quickest way to complete the vikings event?
    Would be great!

    Keep up the good work

  9. I love your tips and most of the comments from other players so here is my take on plundering.

    For the first two days after the hood changes I m/p the entire hood and then wait. If they have not responded by the third day I begin plundering. While I am waiting I check their cities to see what era they are in and likely military assets and likely targets. I have created a ‘shopping list’ so that I don’t waste time and resources then not getting a reward. This approach has worked really well for the last 6 months. One thing I do as a courtesy to new players is I look at their town hall and military assets so I do not plunder those who are just beginning the game. I do want them to stay around and really enjoy the game.

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