Forge of Empires Starting Guide Part 11 [Guild Expedition]

Welcome to our eleventh installment of our Forge of Empires Starting Guides. Today, in part ten, we will be taking a look at the Guild Expedition!

Daily guild hopping to help as many players as possible and thus collect blueprints has been on the agenda every day so far.

Today we practice this for the last time and then join a guild permanently.

Joining a guild is one of the most important decisions in the game. A good guild is the most sustainable success factor in the development of a new city.

The most important criterion is the activity of the guild members. Then the guild should offer the possibility to promote Great Buildings via appropriate threads.

Up to level 10, the exchange chains are very advantageous. The 1.9 promotion is more for higher levels. A good guild usually has both.

You can find guilds through the guild leaderboard or through global chat.

We received an invitation from Jester’s Revolt, one of the most advanced guilds in the world EN-Greifental. Accepting the invitation ends guild hopping.

Soon the next guild expedition will begin.

Basically, every player is eligible for the guild expedition once they reach the Iron Age.

To participate, however, you must be a member of a guild before the start of the guild expedition, and you should then remain a member during the current run.

Therefore, guild hopping is finally over.

Research is approaching the end of the Iron Age.

There you can already fill the first technologies of the next age, the Early Middle Ages, with forge points without activating this technology yet. This way you stay in the Iron Age.

If then for the construction of the first permanent Great Building, the Statue of Zeus, a very last blueprint is still missing, one can have the luxury problem of surplus Forge Points.

The first 3 Early Middle Age researches are already filled and filling the Oracle of Delphi would be a waste. In this situation,

We look for guild members, friends, and neighbors in this order, and see if they are pushing any of the 3 interesting Great Buildings right now: Statue of Zeus, Cathedral of Aachen, and Castel del Monte.

Often the last contribution slot doesn’t bring Forge points, but blueprints. We pay in a single Forge Point and build on the fact that this will give us the desired last contribution slot.

This is a quick way to get the missing blueprints. In addition, one can often occupy 5th place in a 1.9 promotion chain in the guild.

Via the market one procures in time the goods necessary for the construction. With this, nothing should stand in the way of building the first permanent Great Building.

The guild expedition starts on Tuesday morning at 8 am server time and runs for 6 days.

During this time you can do a maximum of 64 battles. As a new player of the Iron Age, it is already very good if you manage 8 to 12 fights.

From the fighting strength, you would easily manage 15 battles.

But the barracks can hardly keep up with the production of units. So early in the game, you have neither rogues nor combat bonuses.

In addition, you can’t neglect the provincial map. All this makes the productions run hot.

The demonstrated approach of building many supply productions puts us in the comfortable situation of always having enough supplies.

Daily motivating and polishing among members of our own guild, friends, and neighbors continues to fill our coin purse.

Without combat bonuses and rogues, you’ll want to do all the fighting manually to minimize losses. The battles are not particularly challenging.

That’s why I’m showing them largely uncommented in fast-forward. The goal is to soon be able to do all of these fights in auto-combat, because only then will you be able to sustain doing these many battles every week.

And it’s worth it.

The guild expedition is the second-best way to rapidly accelerate your own development via the rewards you receive.

At the higher levels, the probability of being rewarded with the coveted diamonds also increases.

In this first week we can’t expect that yet, but units, coins, supplies, goods and forge points are very welcome rewards.

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