Preparation For The Space Age Venus In Forge of Empires

The test of the new Space Age Venus In Forge of Empires has been completed on BETA. It will now probably come to the player worlds shortly after the end of the current event.

What can we do until then to start the new age in the best possible way?

First of all, some initial information about Venus.

It is our closest neighbor, about the size of Earth, but extremely hot.

If we think we have a CO2 problem on Earth with a 0.04% volume fraction, then Venus with its 96% CO2 atmosphere is in a very bad way.

If we follow the earth in its orbit around the sun from the asteroid belt, then we see a ghost driver.

This is Venus.

It is the only planet rotating in the opposite direction of all the other planets.

Even though I have this sight every day from my colony in the asteroid belt, it took optical processing to make this image meaningful.

The distances were reduced to a tenth in relation to the size and the planets were made much brighter than they actually are. They would otherwise be hard to see in the glow of the sun.

If you look at our solar system from outside, at first you only see the giant, outer gas planets.

Far out we find the blue Neptune.

Then towards the Sun Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter.

The 4 inner planets are outshined by the sun and are hardly perceptible.

Only when we zoom in much closer, we can see the earth and its nearest neighbors.

Between Mars and Jupiter, there is a huge gap. In this is the asteroid belt, the goal of the so-far highest age in Forge of Empires.

Now we are heading in the opposite direction, towards the Sun.

In the new Space Age Venus, there will be the research of new technologies as usual.

These will require 2,850 promethium, 2,450 orichalcum, 3,750 Mars ore, and 7,250 asteroid ice.

We can already produce these. So fire up ports and synthesizers.
In addition, SAAB goods are needed.

A good cushion in this age should not be shocked by 12,045 needed Forge points, 290 million coins, and 375 million supplies.

So if you save up these resources in time, you shouldn’t have any problems in the new age.

And not all resources are needed immediately.

The Venus carbon, which is very limited at the beginning, already ensures that no one just scurries through.

See you on Venus.