Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #14 – March 2021]

Welcome to our fourteenth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Here, we will bring you news about Forge of Empires.

Here is what we will be covering:

  • New FOE feature,
  • Upcoming event.

New FOE Feature

The PvP Tower is back.

On the beta – server the tournament player against player can be tested again since January 21st.

The harsh criticism of the players on the occasion of the first attempt last year has InnoGames let redesign the concept.

At the beginning, you determine with which army you want to defend yourself when you are challenged in the PvP tower.

The defender does not play manually. Therefore, rogues should be used sparingly here; a maximum of one or two is advisable.

Defending units cannot be lost and damage is taken while defending is fully healed immediately against the next challenger.

Attack units are ideal for this. Defense is done with the combat bonuses of the city defense.

In the PvP tower, you can choose one of 3 possible opponents: An opponent from a higher age, an opponent from the same age, or an opponent from a lower age.

You can fight automatically if you want to.

We all know that as a player you can fight more skillfully than the computer does.

But if you are not so experienced with fighting, you should just take the easiest opponent and let the automatic fighting do everything.

That’s already much better than not doing anything.

Ambitious players will, of course, fight manually to reach their full potential.

It is important to know that the defender just does not attack rogues first. Obviously, the defender uses the rules we know from the province map in the higher ages.

Stealthed units benefit from this. If the computer only sees rogues because the tank is stealthed, it can only attack rogues.

That helps.

That’s why I still rely heavily on the hovertanks from the Future Era while already being in the Arctic Future.

Here is a manual fight with the fortress of the Arctic Future.

You can clearly see how long the rogues remain unchanged.

There is even a risk that the rogues could remain last and then be defeated with a single hit instead of transforming.

Especially the hover tanks allow you to use your own tactical skills.

This then leads to success even against players of a higher age, even if the Oceanic Future units have their special abilities.

In another combat example, I can nicely show how, by clever placement of the stealthed hovertanks, you can force your opponent to place his units on tiles where they are not stealthed. This then leads to a victory without own losses.

In this modified version, the new PvP feature is really fun. I think this is something we all have every right to look forward to.

Everyone is still busy with the ongoing spring event.

Next Event

However, on the beta server, the next event, the Archaeology event, has already been completed. Of course, there will be a guide about this shortly.