Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #2 – January 2020]

In our second installment of the Forge of Empires Journal, we look at the FoE Helper. We’ll be specifically looking at incidents.

For those players who have recently installed the FoEhelper, this is the first article of a new series explaining all the details of the FoEhelper.

After installing the tool the list of symbols should appear on the right side of the browser window. In case this toolbox disappears, please enable it in the Google Chrome settings again. After significant updates the browser want you to approve the tool again.

At the bottom of the tool list you find the symbol settings. There you can adjust the size of the toolbox. Below you can pick the language you prefer most. Many players translated everything and provided it to the development team, so that you can decide between many different languages.

FOE Helper Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #2 - January 2020]

Since the last huge update (mid-January) the topmost symbol of the toolbox is dedicated to the incidents in and around your city.

We all know such a situation.

A quest requires to collect some incidents, but you don’t find one. Did you really already collect all available incidents or is there a hidden one somewhere?

The toolbox provides clarity. You also see where you should try to find it, on the sea, at the beach, around your city or on a small or large road.

And more than that. If there currently is no incident available, the tool displays when the next incident will appear again. You no longer need to log in all the time to check again.

But even then it can still be difficult to find the last hidden incident, e g on a small street.

For such situations Daniel offers another great hint. Open the construction menu and pick a very large building.

Try to build it on top of the street. Click again and again along the street. Of course it is impossible to build on a street, but if an incident is located there it will be collected.

This also works with large streets, but usually you see incidents there without problems. This makes it to a trick especially for incidents on small streets.

The next journal entry will focus on the topic “Level Up Your Arc, but do it the right way!“. This will explain how to level up great buildings very fast, using the Arc as an example.

This will be a tutorial for all players, but include the added possibilities resulting from the FoEhelper.

See you soon here again.

Journal courtesy of FOE Hints.

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