Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #15 – May 2021]

Welcome to our fifteenth installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Once again it is time to report about the upcoming innovations in Forge of Empires.

Here is what we will be covering:

  • Next Cultural Settlement
  • Event Hub

Next Cultural Settlement

In January 2021, InnoGames asked in the beta forum which culture FOE players would like to see represented in the next Cultural Settlement and why.

Many fantastic suggestions came in, for which InnoGames is grateful.

The Mughal Empire, according to Wikipedia a state that existed on the Indian subcontinent from 1526 to 1858, was chosen.

Its peak was in 1720 when the empire encompassed much of present-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as northern Afghanistan.

What distinguished the Mughal Empire, however, was not its territorial gains but its contribution to architecture, art, literature, and theology.

Indeed, during its heyday, the Mughal Empire experienced a period of economic prosperity and stability that allowed many cultural and artistic influences to be fully expressed.

Today, this cultural tradition has been preserved with many historical sites recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.

The recommendations for this choice highlighted the diverse cultural influences of the empire (including Indian, Persian, and Turkish) and its enduring legacy.

Indeed, this piqued InnoGames’ interest and led to the decision to make the Mughal Empire the theme of the next Cultural Settlement!

While it will be a while before there are more details about the event and its mechanics, we can already preview the new buildings in the Cultures Settlement!

This is the new main building. The look of the settlement is very much based on the style of the palaces that were built during this time.

Then there is also a first residential building to see.

Finally, InnoGames shows us a cultural building.

This is already a small foretaste of a great cultural settlement!

Event Hub

In the sea, next to the city at the level of the antique dealer, a new building will soon be erected: the Event Hub.

According to InnoGames, this will be a place where players can track all their progress in the various events of Forge of Empires.

There will also be additional prizes to be won there for completing quests within the event.

The Event Hub is a brand new, street-independent building that will be accessible soon on the map without taking up space in the city comparable to the antique dealer, the tavern or the harbors.

The Event Hub is divided into different slots.

Each of them is dedicated to a different event. By clicking on the corresponding event slot, you can see your progress in the event and the corresponding rewards for completing the event.

By completing quests within the event, cosmetic upgrades for the event slots can be unlocked. This will gradually lead to an increasingly attractive looking building and provide additional boosts!

The first special event slot will then be available with the football event!

Each year, the Event Hub will be updated and a new building with new slots for future events will become available without losing the previous achievements.