Guild Expedition Level 4 In the Space Age Asteroid Belt (SAAB)

This guide was created for those who simply want to get an impression of how the guild expedition level 4 looks like in the highest age, the Space Age Asteroid Belt (SAAB). And it is for those players who are currently thinking about changing to this highest age or remaining a bit longer in Space Age Mars.

Very important: This is NOT one of our usual model solutions, It is just a successful run through level 4 of SAAB and my first one too.

We just changed to this brand new age and simply had no time to evaluate which team might be best on each individual platform.

We simply built teams based on our experience with previous ages.

If you take a look at what units we picked, you will notice that we did not really recognize the benefits if the new SAAB units.

We mainly use Mars units and they work very well against SAAB units.

Of course, we still do not have many of these SAAB units as the new age started only a couple days ago.

But this is not the main reason for our decision.

The Mars units spoiled me with their great weapon range. The new SAAB units attack from the next tile and have to fear retaliation damage. We still need to improve the way we handle these.

The model solution for Space Age Asteroid Belt will be published when level 4 of the guild expedition became stronger.

We assume that Mars units then will not have an easy job.

Therefore we still must evaluate SAAB units much better so that we hopefully will recognize their benefits then.

Once in between and several times at the end of this guide we already use the new artillery, without being able to produce these units.

They were rewards from quests and platforms of the guild expedition.

We decided for the new artillery as it moves before most other units. That is a huge advantage.

So please tale this as a guide for your inspiration.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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